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Posted on July 21, 2017

John Deere vs Kubota

If you’re in the market for new small tractor, you know there are a few options and brands to choose from. Two of those big name brands are John Deere and Kubota. If you’re thinking about either, there are a few differences to be noted between the two.

When it comes to weight, the John Deere 5 Series utility tractors, specifically the John Deere 5055E 4WD, the weight is 5,070 pounds. Compared to Kubota’s equivalent, the MX5100 4WD, where the weight is 3,620 pounds. John Deere uses heavier parts and components to create a sturdier product with the strength and reliability to complete tough jobs.

John Deere also makes conveniences such as lighting packages, the ease of hooking up attachments and hitch control much easier than Kubota. John Deere’s One Family Tractor Deluxe Lighting package allows you to work earlier or later with two front mounted sealed-beam halogen headlights. Options for certain models include rear fender lights that light the operator’s seat and additional lights for more light on controls and easy access to those controls. The equivalent Kubota light package provides light in the front of the tractor but a limited beam width.

The John Deere 1025R offers consistent working depth with the hitch position control by allowing you to put the implement in the same working position every time. You simply adjust a numerical lift, lower, control lever to your exact working position and the system remembers your setting every time. Kubota’s BX tractor with select control offers less control because of its lack of position control, making it nearly impossible to ensure the same position every single time.

Attaching those rear three point implements is easy with John Deere’s hitch assist on the 4R series tractor. Begin by backing the tractor up to the implement then use the fender mounted auxiliary three-point hitch control to fine-tune the position of the lower lengths. Use hitch assist controls to adjust the tractors position forward or backward without getting back in the tractor seat.  Kubota’s L6060 has telescopic lower lengths, but you are unable to reposition the tractor without getting back in the seat and repositioning the height of the three-point hitch.

While John Deere is superior in product quality and customer service, it is important to do your own research, consider your usage requirements and make an informed purchase from the brand that will work for you. Whether John Deere, Kubota or another manufacturer, get the job done with the most ease.

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