4Sight Solutions from 4Rivers Equipment

Telematics, machine control, payload weighing, data services are now a part of our everyday business.  4River Equipment has built solutions to leverage these solutions to meet your expectations for productivity, uptime, and low daily operating costs.

Machine Control Inventory

4Sight Solutions also include a wide variety of telematics and machine control products. Take a look at our full inventory online!

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At 4Rivers Equipment, we understand that your business is always looking for ways to be more productive. That’s why we now have solutions that let you take a look at your fleet from a statistical perspective. This gives you the tools to watch your investments out perform their expectations.


If your machines aren’t on the jobsite working, then you aren’t making money. That’s why 4Rivers Equipment has created solutions that can monitor your fleet.

Low Daily Operating Costs

There is a fine line between being productive, and being productive that costs you money. 4Rivers Equipment has solutions that can help you pinpoint areas that will toe that line appropriately.