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2021 Upcoming Events Open houses will be conducted responsibly in 2021 and we are eager to have you attend. Please...

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2021 Upcoming Events

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Open houses will be conducted responsibly in 2021 and we are eager to have you attend. Please RSVP to be added to the Alert List. We will send out an announcement for our final date.



Event Summary

Meet your 4Sight Solutions team and find out how we can help your organization incorporate the latest and greatest in construction technology. Spend time at each station to understand how to get value from each different station topic, to increase your bottom line, and help your organization work more efficiently and effectively. 


Station Schedule

Station 1: Welcome (9:00 – 9:30)

Topics: Meet the 2021 4Sight Solutions team and learn about changes to the products and services we offer.

Station 2: Connected Support (9:35 – 10:05)

Topics: Learn about fleet management tools such as JDLink and Fleet Intelligence, to simplify your life and maximize machine uptime.

Station 3: DJI Drone Solutions In Construction (10:10 – 10:40)

Topics: Learn about drone solutions and how they can provide you with valuable data for estimating, providing as-built information to clients, and decreasing site survey time.

Station 4: Topcon/SmartGrade (10:45 – 11:15)

Topics: Learn about grade control solutions and how they can decrease cycle times, increase site safety levels, and make your crews more productive overall.

Station 5: Training & Support (11:20 – 11:50)

Topics: Learn about professional training offered by 4Sight Solutions with topics addressing grade control and drone solutions, as well as how support contracts can save you money in the long run.


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