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44 Years “Strong” Retirement Announcement

Frederick, CO 4Rivers Equipment would like to wish John Strong, a long-time partner, and leader, a happy retirement. Through 44...

John Strong retirement party on January 15th, 2021. (From left to right) Granddaughter #2 (Orange outfit), Daughter, Wife, Granddaughter #1, and John Strong himself.

Frederick, CO

4Rivers Equipment would like to wish John Strong, a long-time partner, and leader, a happy retirement. Through 44 years of dedication and love for the company, John Strong created a family atmosphere legacy to 4Rivers Equipment.

From 1977 to 2021, John served at three 4Rivers locations. He originally started in Pueblo, CO as an employee in the parts division at the Southern Colorado equipment store, and from there, he served as a salesman. In 2001, John became the store manager at the Fort Collins, CO location. In 2003, he became a location manager to the newly constructed store in Frederick, CO.

John is described as a tremendous, mentor, friend, and a great leader. John always said: “Family comes first.” As well as, “If you watch your nickels and dimes, the dollars will take care of themselves.” He built the work-family environment at the Frederick store and wanted them to know that his door was always open. John was a people person and wanted the best for everyone.

From everyone at 4Rivers Equipment, we thank John Strong and his family for the time he spent at 4Rivers. Ryan Nielsen proceeds John as the new Branch Manager at the Frederick, CO location.

4Rivers has a few core beliefs that help define its culture. First, customers are taken care of during the sales process and, more importantly, after the sale. Parts and Service support are bedrock principles. Secondly, 4Rivers invest millions of dollars across the organization in training, tooling, and parts inventory, always keeping the communities they serve as the focal point. Perhaps the most critical key to 4Rivers success is that they give each location’s management team the ability and authority to make the best decision at the local level. They trust that nobody knows the areas they serve better than the citizens who live in it and want to live in, and learn from, those communities.

About 4Rivers Equipment:
4Rivers Equipment, an equipment dealership specializing in construction and agriculture products, was built on the principle that partnership is the key to offering superior products and services to the regions they operate within. The combination of their experience, culture, and focus on customer service has resulted in James River Equipment becoming one of the most widely respected John Deere dealers in the country. The steady growth in sales, rentals, parts, and service is a direct reflection of the customers’ loyalty. They have also increased the variety of products offered to serve all customers’ varied needs and applications