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Posted on August 8, 2019



US Hydro | Build It With 4Sight Solutions

“The Build It pillar within 4Sight Solutions is the part of our solution where we’ve put together all of our general construction lasers. So a lot of contractors today, they use lasers on job sites for maintaining grade with a grade rod,” says Nick Guadagnoli, Technology Manager at 4Rivers Equipment.

“Instead of paying all the money in survey for them to keep coming out and setting the stakes, we decided to buy a Base and Rover from Topcon. Kind of looked at all the systems out there and found Topcon had the best support and the best customer service, and the ease of use,” says Dalton Krehmeyer, Co-Owner of US Hydro.

“With the Topcon Base and Rover, we are able to pothole down to a utility. Say it’s four foot deep and we are in the middle of a field, so we don’t want to leave the hole open. I can take my rover stick, get exactly top of the pipe right where it is. There’s no guesswork. Backfill it, and then six months from now, two years from now, I can come back and say this line’s exactly here, four foot below where I’m pointing,” says Sean Turner, Co-Owner of US Hydro.

“We offer everything from single grade lasers, flat lasers, dual grade lasers, pipe lasers, any sort of technology that involves lasers and general construction applications. We have a product that fits that solution that the contractor needs,” says Guadagnoli.

We can roll into a site and in no time be set up, rolling, moving dirt. Where other guys, they got to wait for survey. They got to take and stake everything out, protect their stakes, have survey come back out when they’re damaged,” says Krehmeyer.

“That was one of the big difficulties before, is having to rely on somebody else to get your job done,” says Turner.

“It’s just so much faster and more productive to be able to do everything in-house with the software, with the Base and Rover,” says Krehmeyer.

They can find all these products that are available on our website. We have a current listing of all the products that we offer there and you can also buy any of these products over the counter at any of our parts counters, at any of our construction stores. You’re also free to reach out to anyone from the 4Sight solutions area, and we’re glad to help you find the perfect laser for the application you’re doing. Check out the full solution line up here.