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Posted on August 8, 2019



Sweatt Construction | Grade It With 4Sight Solutions

“So Grade It is the pillar within 4Sight Solutions where we bundle together all of our grade control solutions. So grade control solutions are products typically using GPS technology. They’re a total system that we install on a bulldozer motor grader or excavator. In the end, basically they’re adjusting the machine blade automatically to maintain a consistent grade as the machine’s moving along. It enables them to achieve grade in much fewer passes, so that means much less fuel consumption for the machine. It means much less wear and tear on the machine.”¬† says Nick Guadagnoli, 4Sight Solutions Manager for 4Rivers Equipment.

“It’s a kind of a taboo in dirt work that you don’t move dirt twice. So when you have a machine that tells you exactly what you need, it’s a lot easier to calculate where you need it. Before we’re moving in chasing rows one way and then chasing them back another one. Now we chase everything where it needs to be chased, cleaned up, and we move it once and we’re moving it correctly and efficiently.” stated¬†Sabino Lazos, Construction Manager for Sweatt Construction.

“Today without grade control on an excavator, what you would typically find is a person who has to jump down into the pit and check grade and then jump back out of the pit and tell the operator of the machine, either he needs to keep digging or he’s on grade. You can imagine wet, sloppy conditions. It can be very dangerous to get in and out of that pit. And there have been a lot of accidents.” said Nick.

“So now we don’t need to have that guy on the ground. He’s actually in his dozer and taking shots at the same time, giving everybody else commands of where he needs to go and breaks us from having accidents,” replied Sabino.

“Contractors are having a harder and harder time to find skilled labor to operate these machines for them. So the grade control systems really allow you to take an operator who maybe not quite as skilled as one of your senior operators and allows him to be just as productive as one of your senior operators,” said Nick.

“It’s fairly easy to use and it’s fairly easy to control, and as long as there’s some guidance with it, I feel like pretty much anybody could do it,” Sabino stated.

Nick replied: “Because basically the machine is doing the work for the operator. They’re just driving the machine. So it’s really easy to get started with grade control. 4Rivers is an authorized reseller of TopCon solutions. We’re still available to do installations on the equipment you already have in your fleet. We’re not there just to sell you the technology, but we’re there to make sure that you’re trained up how to use it by making you more productive and get more out of the labor that you already have. So we’re there to help every step of the way.”

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