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Posted on August 8, 2019



Sweatt Construction | Capture It With 4Sight Solutions

“Capture It is the first pillar within the 4Sight Solutions offering. What we’re talking about there are the products that we use and the services that we offer to customers, to go out and capture literally, the Earth’s surface. The preferred way is using our Kespry drone solution. They can fly a drone 150 acre job site in 30 minutes. That data is then converted into what we call a topographic map. That topographic map is a digital representation of the Earth’s surface. Using that data, the contractor can then generate accurate bids based on the actual earth’s surface at that moment in time. Rather than have to call and get scheduled into a surveyor’s schedule, they can go out and do the work themselves,” states Nick Guadagnoli, Technology Manager at 4Rivers Equipment.

“We were forced to rely on a third party survey company to come out and stake our sites. We found ourselves always having to wait on somebody. We’re surveyors. We’re spending three, four, five days trying to collect the data. When we got the Kespry out, we were able to do accurate as-builds in a matter of an hour.” says Jimmy Carrell, Construction Manager at Sweatt Construction.

“In 30 minutes, we can cover a 150 acre site, all without having to put anyone in harm’s way. And without having to do any really tedious setup or tear downs with equipment, and not having to go out and walk through the project, and get in the way of the contractor who’s out there,” says Guadagnoli.

“After we utilized it for as-builds, we began doing topographical surveys. Again, something that was taking weeks to gather the data, we were able to get this information in a couple hours, process it, and begin quantifying and bidding projects.” said Carrell.

A customer can get started with the CAPTURE IT portion of our 4Sight Solution offering, with our WeFly program. Our technicians are licensed with their Part 107 license. So they can go out and fly the project for the contractor for a fraction of the cost. So they don’t have to have a trained pilot on staff and they don’t have to purchase the drone outright, for themselves. In the end, we just hand them a USB stick with the digital terrain model in whatever file format that they need. Check out the full solution line up here.