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Posted on August 8, 2019



Frazee Construction | Track It With 4Sight Solutions

“The Track It pillar, within Foresight Solutions, is where we put together all of our telematics packages. So the fleet intelligence solution allows them to take all the data that they’re getting from all these different telematics solutions from their different OEMs, conglomerates all that data in one place and it allows them to generate all the reports they need, and keep on top the top of all their service intervals, and make sure their equipment is running in top-notch condition,” says Nick Guadagnoli, Technology Solutions Manager for 4Rivers Equipment.

“We’ve got a mixed fleet. Foresight came to us and said, ‘Look, we know this is an issue. We’ve come up with a solution.” It was one demo saying what it was capable of, and it was all in one spot, and it was an easy trigger to pull,’ said Jeremy Frazee, CEO of Frazee Construction.

“It can save them thousands and thousands of dollars in the end, just by better utilizing the equipment that they already have,” said Guadagnoli.

“It really just gives me the ability to oversee everything from this view, and get into the details of what’s been done, where it is and things like that, very quickly,” replied Jeremy Frazee.

“Fleet intelligence allows you to keep track of all your machine maintenance records.”

“What we have been doing is all been manually tracked and entered information. And there’s always a higher risk for stuff to get messed up or numbers to get switched around,” said Chad Snapp, Fleet Maintenance Manager for Frazee Construction.

With the fleet intelligence system, you know that data is accurately reading. It’s all coming in, in real-time with no human intervention whatsoever.

“We’ve had trucks stolen and boom, there it is, there’s a history, there’s where it is right now. I can set up to where it’ll alert me if it leaves a geo-fence or if it even starts after a certain time if I set a curfew,” stated Jeremy Frazee.

“So fleet intelligence can read in what’s called diagnostic trouble codes, or DTC’s, from any of the major manufacturers of equipment out there,” says Nick.

Chad replies: “Actually just last week, I checked the DTC alerts a 624K had an alert for transmission filter being restricted. So I was able to tell the mechanic, and he was able to grab the filter, go right out there and replace a filter without having to go out, troubleshoot it, go all the way to the [inaudible] house, pick up the filter and go all the way back out there. So it increased run time by two hours.”

Because it’s a web-based tool. Everybody can access it.

“The system we were using before, we literally have a dedicated person because it was so cumbersome. Some of my guys aren’t as tech-savvy as others. They’ve all been able to use what features they want to use. It’s very user-friendly,” says Frazee.

“Foresight Solutions is here really for the contractor to be their partner, and help get you into technology that’s comfortable for you. And then help increase the amount of technology that you have as part of your daily operations, as your comfort level increases,” states Guadagnoli.

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