Track It:

4Sight Solutions helpsĀ ensure your equipment is utilized in the most effective way possible all while maintaining a constant eye over the health of your machines.

Prevent Downtime

The most preventable expense is downtime. With Machine Monitoring through 4Sight Solutions, your machines are monitored daily to keep your equipment running. Our goal is to increase your uptime by predicting possible failures with service solutions that decrease in-field service bills.

To get started your machines need to be linked up to the 4Sight Solutions Monitoring Center.* From there, your equipment will link into an alert system. However, 4Sight Solutions doesn’t stop there. Your machine alerts will be monitored by a Machine Monitoring Specialist 24/7. Their job is to report, research, and diagnose the issue as well as offer a solution to find the most cost-effective solution for you to minimize downtime and expense.


experienced monitors

Optimize performance

Our Machine Monitoring Specialists are seasoned heavy equipment technicians who continue their education as new machines are released. They also have John Deere’s database of troubleshooting and prescriptions compiled from all over the world available to them as a resource to catch codes and sequences before they are issues.

Many try to take this role in-house with a Fleet Manager, but few have the experience and resources that our Machine Monitoring solution provides.

Your Track It Options:



  • Comes standard on all New John Deere Equipment For 5 Years
  • Need to renew your subscription? Click the link below!


Fleet Intelligence

  • Available on all makes and models of machines including trucks and trailers!
  • Get access to your machine’s Diagnostic Trouble Codes as well as GPS all from 1 portal.