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7 Things To Focus Your Farm This Harvest

7 Things to Focus Your Farm This Harvest Are you set for harvest? Check these To-Do’s off your list to...

2 males talking to each other about a piece of technology equipment relating to the John Deere row crop tractor behind them. Plugged in monitor to tractor to check the technology features of the tractor. Furrow Focus experts talk plant growth using technology. 2 men wearing jackets in front of John Deere row crop tractor.

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7 Things to Focus Your Farm This Harvest

Are you set for harvest? Check these To-Do’s off your list to get started!

  1. Accept Terms & Conditions on MyJohnDeere.com
  2. Get JDLink Connect FREE for 3 years. Call us to see if you qualify!
  3. Store this number in your phone: 970-528-1233
  4. Schedule time with your I.S. Solution Specialist to set up your Operations Center account – FREE
  5. Review Your Data in MyOperations App – FREE
  6. Subscribe to the 4Rivers Equipment Weather Station Network: Coming soon in 2021!
  7. Minimize downtime with Remote Display Access. We can view, troubleshoot, and adjust your display from a remote location. Ask your 4Rivers service department for details!


Terms and Conditions: Accept JDLink Terms & Conditions Start Here: https://myjohndeere.deere.com/ Simply navigate to your JDLink Dashboard on MyJohnDeere.com to start the confirmation process. On February 12, 2020, John Deere released new Terms & Conditions for your MyJohnDeere.com account. Please log in to your account and verify all of your information and accept the new Terms & Conditions. These terms affect your JDLink, John Deere Financial, and John Deere Parts accounts. If you do not accept the Terms & Conditions by March 12, 2021, John Deere will delete your account. All data will be lost and non-retrievable. Please make sure to check the box to accept these terms formally.

JDLink Connect: Get 3 Years of JDLink Connect! | FREE – View critical and timely information on your machine. – Enable Remote Service – Wireless delivery of data to and from your machine! Call us to see if you qualify! 970.528.1233 *Eligible customers must purchase a new 4G Machine Telematics Gateway to qualify. Customers must consent to the extension of subscription terms at MyJohnDeere.com. Some restrictions apply, see dealership for details. Offer valid August 1st, 2020- October 31st, 2020. 

AgriSync: Precision Ag Support Line: 970-528-1233 In the moments you need us the most, have our hotline phone number handy. 979-528-1233. This line is 24/7 support, and great to have ready with Remote Display Access for us to help troubleshoot on the spot!

Operations Center: Review Your MyOperations App Before You Hit The Field | FREE Prep yourself with the latest information about your machines and fields, all in one dashboard. This will help you quickly make smart decisions when the moments count! Also with MyOperations App, you can enable Remote Display Access. When you have an issue in the field, save a field tech trip, and enable them to troubleshoot, diagnose, and often resolve downtime remotely!

4RE Weather Network: Coming soon in 2021, The 4Rivers Weather Network. Powered by Pessl, we will have the ability to create 3-7-14 day weather forecasts. Pinpoint work windows based on your weather outlook.