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Robert Carrillo  With springtime approaching, the paving market picks up and governmental funds will start to be released for the...

This image shows 2 HAMM rollers or compactors on a jobsite. The HAMM on the left is a HAMM GRW 280i static roller. The HAMM on the right is a oscillated HAMM. The HAMM GRW 280i on the left is on a recently paved asphalt road while the HAMM on the right is sitting on an unpaved dirt road next to the paved road. Both HAMM's are sitting in the sunset with tall grass on the left shinning in the sunset and dirt on the right side of the road with the oscillated HAMM roller. Clouds and sunset on 2 HAMM rollers.

Robert Carrillo 

With springtime approaching, the paving market picks up and governmental funds will start to be released for the asphalt and paving of roads within the states. Our newest Wirtgen Paving Specialist, Robert Carrillo, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico updates us on what’s new in paving.


Carrillo has over 30+ years of experience in the paving industry. “… with John Deere owning the Wirtgen product, customers are seeing great support with an excellent company. So, in that aspect, they love the transition, and it’s part of the reason I moved over to 4Rivers Equipment; because of the great dealership that they are.” Carrillo continued, “I love the teamwork. Everybody’s a team. You can feel the vibe of getting the job done together.”


Working with Wirtgen products is not only attractive to customers because of their ease of use, but also how financially available they are. Wirtgen offers financing as low as 0% for 36 months which helps customers get into the business of bidding; allowing them to be able to bid on other types of jobs because of the reduced finance cost. Furthermore, Wirtgen will even go a step further and bring in a demo unit for customers to test out before they make a purchase.

HAMM, Wirtgen’s roller brand, also has what they call an oscillation Roller. HAMM has their “ossy’s” in styles up to an 84-inch roller; which is commonly used for highway paving use.

Common machines and their uses:

One of the most commonly sold machines is the HAMM HD140, an oscillation roller mainly for highway paving. It’s a 140, which is 1.4 meters, or an 84-inch drum.

Another common roller is the HD90, another oscillation roller with a 52-inch drum that is very common for the smaller contractor doing suburb and inner-city streets.

Wirtgen has an ossy roller from HD13 to HD140, HD13 being a 42-inch roller, and the HD140 being an 84-inch roller. This makes it a very competitive offering in the market and makes the Wirtgen (HAMM) lineup very appealing to customers in the sense that Wirtgen produces oscillation rollers all the way up through the most popular sizes.

High-Frequency Rollers:

Another type of roller from HAMM is their high-frequency rollers. HAMM’s high-frequency rollers have higher vibrations per minute than other machines; placing it at the top of the list for customers.

At the end of the day, rollers are all graded on their ability to compact. And these vibrations help compact the asphalt better. For any major highway, or even rural highway and city, the magic number is 97% compaction across the board. So, the faster you get the asphalt up to working temperature, the easier it is to get to that 97% compaction. I’ve seen customers using other rollers; and because of the reduced frequency rate, or vibration rate, they have a harder time getting up to that number as fast.

Pairing Wirtgen Products with John Deere Products:

One of my customers uses Wirtgen products on his jobsite for the plants his conveyors use to move material around with, but he also uses all John Deere loaders to feed them.

I’m really helping educate the customer at the same time by making sure we get the right product with the products they already have, or maybe with their goals in mind. Also by making sure I’m asking all the right questions; so we don’t get the product out to the customer’s jobsite and it’s the wrong fit.


I am proud to be part of the 4Rivers Equipment team as their Paving Specialist and Wirtgen product specialist. I am excited for the springtime and all of the road construction to happen around Colorado, New Mexico, and West Texas areas.

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