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Brothers all working together, The Garcia Boys.

(Top left: Omar Garcia, Bottom left: Juan Garcia, Right: Geraldo Garcia)  4Rivers Equipment strives to be “Your Working Partner,” and sometimes...

(Top left: Omar Garcia, Bottom left: Juan Garcia, Right: Geraldo Garcia) 

4Rivers Equipment strives to be “Your Working Partner,” and sometimes they even become like family. For the Garcia boys, it is family. Geraldo Garcia (oldest), Omar Garcia (middle), and Juan Garcia (youngest) have all taken an interest in a career at 4Rivers Equipment. Geraldo and Omar are located at the Holly store, while Juan is at Rocky Ford. 

Family and Passion for farming:

Growing up in and around Holly, Colorado, Geraldo, Omar, and Juan were raised around a farm. Their father worked on a farm, and they gained experience from that opportunity. Geroldo remembers working on his grandfather’s farm since he was 5. He wanted to help and do anything he could. With this young start, it grew into a passion that all the boys cherish today. 

“I still go out to the farm on my time off from 4Rivers to help and see how things are going,” states Geraldo.  


Geraldo was the leader in this situation, parting the water for his brothers. He has been with 4Rivers for 18 years. The exact date that he became full-time was November 16, 2003. Before coming to work at 4Rivers, Geraldo worked at Cyber Farms during high school. He also worked for 4Rivers part-time in high school, helping with cleaning up around the shop, and was excited to start his full-time career at a place where he feels appreciated. From experience on the farm growing up, Geraldo has always loved being around farm equipment and thought that tractors were tremendous when he found his place at 4Rivers, and he hasn’t left since. What has been keeping him at 4Rivers would be the people he works with at the store and the customers that come in. He works at the Parts counter in the Parts Department and has an instinct for helping people. 

“I love helping people; it makes my day. It makes me smile knowing that I could be of help to the people of this community,” said Geraldo

Geraldo would describe himself as a hard worker, and that is just who he is. Others see how hard he works and appreciates all that he does to make 4Rivers a better place. 

“It feels like a family to me,” mentioned Geraldo when talking about how 4Rivers has impacted him. 

Geraldo brings kindness, smiles, and laughs to the team. All of us at 4Rivers is blessed with his presence and look forward to many more years with him! 


Before coming to 4Rivers Equipment, Omar worked on the farm with their dad and got great experience working on equipment and developing his Passion for ag equipment. Omar got involved after Geraldo moved from service tech into the Parts department. His brother wanted him to take over his toolbox, but at the time, Omar was still in high school. He talked more with his brother and Craig Schomaker, who was the branch manager at the time, to come up with the best option possible. 

Omar discovered that he could learn more about John Deere equipment and be a technician by going to the John Deere school that 4Rivers Equipment supports. Omar has been at the Holly location for almost 13 years. It will be 13 years this coming May. Omar loves the people that he works with. The part he loves most about his career would be the opportunity to travel outside of the shop and work on equipment. He loves getting outside and working. Omar is still handling their toolbox as a technician.

“I am hardworking, motivated, and willing to do anything,” stated Omar when I asked him to describe himself. 

He was unsure at first because he doesn’t think of himself very much. He always puts other people first. Omar is the quiet brother out of the three, but his two other brothers make up for it with their boisterous moods. 


Juan started here in January of 2021 as a technician at the Rocky Ford location. He was more of the black sheep of the family. He went off to college and completed a degree at Colorado State University. After that, he joined the medical field in California at UCLA as a physical therapist. He did that for a little while but decided it wasn’t for him. He returned home to Colorado to be closer to his family.

My brothers always told me how great it was to work at 4Rivers Equipment. The connection they had with the people they work with, and I wanted to be a part of something that felt like family,” said Juan 

Juan’s favorite part about working with 4Rivers would be a mix between the opportunity to work with the equipment that he grew up around and the people that work with him. He loves the great teamwork in the environment because with others having more experience than him, they show him the ropes. Since January, he has become a part of the 4Rivers family, and he loves it. He felt welcome from the first day and didn’t feel like he wasn’t part of the team.

“It’s such a great environment to be in.” Stated Juan. 


How to get started at 4Rivers Equipment: 


If you are interested in a career at 4Rivers Equipment, go to https://bit.ly/327BJyJ to find out more. 4Rivers offers excellent benefits, which you can find in the benefits brochure, and is an equal employment opportunity company interested in anyone who has the skills and requirements for the job. 


If you are interested in becoming a technician and want to know more about John Deere University and the 4Rivers technician program, go to https://bit.ly/3s286cq