What does it take to be a part of the 4Rivers Sales team?

Being in sales is all about being able to connect with others; having consistent reliability. Building relationships comes naturally and is utilized every day in the Sales Department! Establish a partnership with the customer so they rely on you for their equipment solutions every time.

JDU Enrollment

Completes 30 hours of John Deere University and 10 hours of Non-Deere training annually.

– Level 1 –

Level 1 Skills Include:
  • Independent
  • Can Find Assigned Customers & Create Sales Calls
  • 90% MF-Pro Score Average
  • Results-Driven

You may have to introduce yourself, but you’re excited to embrace this opportunity to make new relationships with partners in the field! Energy and a passion for building on those relationships is essential as you represent 4Rivers Equipment!

Advanced Level in JDU

Completes an additional 24 hours of John Deere University and 10 hours of Non-Deere training annually.

– Level 2 –

Level 2 Skills Include:
  • Demo Certified in 5 Key areas of Business
  • Can Plan Upcoming Calls
  • Utilize Published Incentives
  • Working knowledge of SDA System
  • 95% MF-Pro Score Average

You’ve introduced yourself, and you’ve established relationships. Now, you’re becoming an expert in the products 4Rivers carries! You’ve got the know-how to present your partners with the ultimate solutions!

Master Level in JDU

Completes ad additional 24 hours of John Deere University and continues to complete 10 hours of Non-Deere training annually.

– Level 3 –

Level 3 Skills Include:
  • Maximizes Assigned Customer Relations for Partnership Opportunities
  • Uses CCA Certification to Fulfill Customers’ Needs.
  • Create Quality Cold Calls
  • Expertly Navigates SDA System
  • 100% MF-Pro Score Average

You’re a master of sales, and you know every piece of equipment 4Rivers has to offer! Our partners rely on you with ease, knowing you have been there for them and provide the best answers to fulfill their needs!

As you continue to advance through the Sales Career Path, you’ll gain expert knowledge, quality relationships, and thorough experience to make you a leader in the Sales department!


This experience can be transferred into other leadership roles across ag, CF, & Tech!