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Technology Department

What does it take to be a part of the 4Rivers Technology team?

As machines and equipment advance, so do we! Covering both Construction and Agriculture, we help our partners monitor machine performance, as well as optimize yield and output. On the 4Rivers Technology team, we establish a partnership with the customer so they can count on us for their tech needs every time.

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This asset symbol icon is used for Administrative Coordinator positions in careers. This image shows a woman with brown hair wearing a purple shirt and a blue 4R jacket. See-through transparent background.

– Administrative Coordinator –

Organized | Results Driven | Independent

  • Administers all facets of JDLink (account creation, migration, and renewal)
  • Generates purchase orders, invoices, and pays supplier invoices
  • Coordinates technician’s time and labor in work order management software
  • Coordinates inventory needs of the department

You’re ready to jump into an exciting department that is constantly keeping up with the newest technologies! You’re highly organized, and have strong communication skills!

This asset symbol icon is used for the Product Support Specialist Tech postition in 4Rivers Equipment careers. This image shows a man with brown hair wearing a green 4R shirt with white buttons and a grey collar. See-through transparent background.

– Product Support Specialist –

Customer Relations | Specialist Knowledge | Relationship Manager

  • Independent role interfacing to customers regarding their technology products
  • Demonstrates, installs, and trains both 4Rivers employees and customers on all of the technology services we offer.
  • Offers in-field support to customers to troubleshoot and solve problems

Connected in more ways than one, building relationships with both customers and 4Rivers employees to either train or troubleshoot is the best part of your day! You’re a technological expert that can explain every detail of it to our partners in the field!

This asset symbol icon is used for the Machine Monitor Specialist Tech position in 4Rivers Equipment careers. This image shows a man with brown hair wearing a white collar shirt with a blue tie and a blue 4R sweater on top. See-through transparent background.

– Machine Monitor Specialist –

Expert Knowledge | Bridge Builder | Think on the Fly

  • Monitors customer fleets via JDLink (telematics platform) for any fault codes in their machines.
  • Proactively engages customers and store’s service departments to prevent large issues.
  • Technical Consultant, acting as point man for all technical issues passed back to John Deere.
  • Diagnoses and triages the entire fleet of John Deere equipment in our dealership’s AOR.

The Machine Monitor Specialist is vital to increasing productivity, uptime, and low daily operating costs for our partners’ worksites. You’re ready to act at all times as you monitor their fleets; ready to prevent and resolve any technical issues!

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Technology is always advancing, and so is our Technology Department. Every path on the tech team prepares our employees for a leadership role in the department!

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This experience can be transferred into other leadership roles across ag, CF, & Tech!