What is the John Deere Rewards Program?

John Deere Rewards offers its members lots of great discounts! When becoming a member you get your average discounts, affiliation discounts, you're always the first to know about everything new with John Deere as well as receive exclusive offers that only John Deere members get.

Become a John Deere Rewards member today. Signing up is easy, fast, and free!

This image is used for the 4Rivers Equipment Military Discount. This image shows a marine uniform in the background on the right and the stars of the American flag in the background on the left. In the middle and laid on top of the background image is a brand logo in all white that says Military Discount.

Find out what affiliations get you discounts!

- Farm Bureau
- John Deere Equine Program

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John Deere Rewards is Here!

John Deere Rewards You.

Membership Credit:
Register your qualified affiliation to create or add to your Rewards account automatically.

Affiliation credits added to your account count towards your membership level the same as equipment purchases.

Most affiliations carry a 2-unit credit, which elevates your Rewards status to Platinum 1.

Multiple Affiliations:
You don’t have to pick and choose which of your affiliations is best. We give you credit for all your affiliations!

Register for all affiliations that you belong to – which maximizes your Platinum benefits.

Silver Membership

No purchase necessary to start your Silver membership. As a Silver member, you’ll stay in touch with John Deere products and promotions with your Quarterly Rewards email. Enjoy a year of benefits, and eligible purchases can elevate your membership.

-Free 1-year membership
-Quarterly member email with special offers
-First to know about new products

Gold Membership

Initial Gold membership starts automatically with the first unit purchased. Gold members receive all the benefits as Silver status. Enjoy the Quarterly Rewards email, which contains coupons and information about new products. Buy a second piece of equipment during your initial Gold membership. You’ll automatically upgrade to Platinum.

-Free 1-year membership
-Quarterly Rewards email with special offers
-First to know about new products

Platinum Membership

Initial Platinum membership starts automatically with 2 units purchased within 12 months. Platinum members receive the best of Rewards with access to valuable equipment discounts, special financing options, workshop products discounts, and other exclusive member-only benefits. Plus, Affiliation members can unlock even more benefits.

-2-year membership
-Valuable Equipment Discounts
-Monthly member email with exclusive offers
-10% Off Workshop Products
-10% Off JohnDeereStore.com

Affiliation Upgrades

Get More Rewards

There are more ways than ever to upgrade your membership, achieve Platinum status, and unlock valuable equipment discounts.

Search all upgrade opportunities to see if your employer, association, affiliation, or event, can elevate your Rewards status.

No Affiliation?
No problem. Register to become a Silver member. It’s easy, fast, and free!

John Deere line up of compact tractors and gators

Discounts and savings

Save with Rewards:
John Deere Rewards members have many opportunities to save both online and at a John Deere dealership. Access to discounts depends on your member level status and being subscribed to Rewards emails.

Even if you’re not looking to purchase equipment, you’ll find a variety of discounts to help maintain your property and your equipment.