What is Lil’ Partners?


Lil’ Partners Club is a kids club for 4Rivers Equipment, where we teach kids about the agricultural and construction industries, heavy equipment, equipment safety, the John Deere brand, etc. It is a way for 4Rivers stores to get involved with their local communities, teach kids about what it’s like to work for a John Deere dealership, and potentially create lasting relationships with local communities.

Our Lil’ Partners’ Featured Drawings!

Winner of the Lil' Partners Club drawing from coloring contest in April '20. By Noah Marshall Pring.

By: Noah Pring | Age 3 | April 2020

3-year old, Noah, was our winner of the April 2020 coloring contest!

He won a John Deere Lawn & Tool Toy Set!

Lil' Partners Club drawing from coloring contest in April '20. By Slade Loux.

By: Slade Loux | Age 5 | April 2020

Slade Loux, 5-years old, shows off his coloring skills during our coloring contest!

We love that John Deere green!

Lil' Partners Club drawing from coloring contest in April '20. By Emily Rushton.

By: Emily Rushton | Age 6 | April 2020

6-year old, Emily Rushton, enters her coloring sheet into the coloring contest!

She did such an awesome job!

Lil' Partners Club Rain Gauge Activity.

This Season's Activity

Grab Some Supplies And Let's Have Some Fun!

This season's activity is making your homemade rain gauge! Farmers have used rain gauges for centuries to recognize weather patterns so they can better prepare for inclement weather conditions.

Rain forms when heat from the sun turns moisture from the earth into water vapor (evaporation), which then rises, cools and condenses (condensation) into the clouds until the cloud gets so heavy and saturated that the newly formed water droplets fall from the clouds (precipitation).

The rain gauges measure this precipitation in the atmosphere for the farmers and their crops!

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Lil' Partners Club Group Coloring Sheet

Coloring Craziness!

Will You Help Us Brighten Up Our Lil' Partners By Giving Them Color?

Meet The Crew (left to right):

Elijah Grader - Colorado Springs, CO
Patty Steer - El Paso, Texas
Petey Partner - Greeley, CO
Magnolia "Mags" Tiller - Pueblo, CO
Luke Baler - Rocky Ford, CO

Lil' Partners activity sheet spot the differences kids sheet

Spot The Differences

Can You Spot The 5 Differences?

These two pictures are exactly alike except for 5 small differences. Can you spot them all?

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