Counties in the Spotlight | Curry County, New Mexico

Posted on March 15, 2018

With 1,450 miles of caliche, chip seal and dirt roads, Curry County in New Mexico has a line of 12 heavy equipment operators. These operators are the backbone of the county. They rely on their equipment almost everyday to build the roads for the citizens of Curry County and their favorite motor grader to work with is the John Deere 772G.

What are your Blades used for?

2- Construction Application
10- Maintenance Of Chip Seal and Caliche

Is there a time Jim and Mike has gone above and beyond?

We were having troubles with our motor graders overheating. We had some wild fires hit the areas, so we were in the midst of fighting fires. Delk tracked and watched one of our motor graders the whole night while we were out there. His dedication is what makes the difference.

What do you think of the Machines themselves?

The guys love them. They’re high quality machines. John Deere Motor Graders themselves – as user friendly as anything that’s out there. I run the joystick model and the one with the tree on it and both are user friendly. I’ve run one for 20 yrs. To me I can run both CAT and John Deere, but I do prefer the steering wheel. It’s a really high
quality machine and they’ve come a long ways.