Desert View Dairy in Texico, New Mexico

Posted on February 7, 2018


Having Quality Service in NM

To say Desert View Dairy in Texico, NM has a lot on their hands, is an understatement. As they are a part of Riverview Dairy headquartered in Minnesota, Desert View raises all of the calves in Riverview’s Dairy network from birth to about 90 days old. Their operation holds 22,000 calf hutches, and room for 40,000.

The next part of thier journey is at Desert View’s heifer yard in Arizona. When they are ready to have calves of their own, they come back to Texico 30 days before they are due to start the cycle of life over again. That makes Desert View responsible for raising all the calves and freshening all the heifers for Riverview Dairy.

With all those calves and heifers needing proper nutrition and bedding, Desert View needed an equipment partner to be able to handle the big chores this operation requires. That’s when they started working with 4Rivers Equipment. With quality service and equipment partners like Jim Duncan and Mike Delk out of the Hobbs, NM location, their needs for a listening ear and quick solutions are heard.