More than a Salesman | A Friendship with Vaz Dairy

Posted on April 1, 2018

More than a Salesman | A Friendship with Vaz Dairy

The dairy business is rooted deep in the Vaz family. After immigrating from Portugal in 1906, Jerry Vaz’s grandfather started a dairy in central California. With some ups and downs and 3 generations later, Vaz Dairy in Roswell, NM is running strong and looking for expansion.

Jerry Vaz started his own dairy journey in 1993 after moving his heard of 900 cattle in California to its current location in Roswell. The farm has seen slow and steady growth, starting with a small herd to what is now 3,300 cows. The operation continues to grow as
renovations are being made to their original facility, with plans of being able to milk 4,000

As with most large operations, providing scaled maintenance solution requires equipment.
After a history of Massey Ferguson and Ford, the first John Deere Vaz Dairy acquired was a 544G loader, and a friend with a common interest.

“Jim Duncan and I would cross paths at steer shows. Not thinking anything of it, we started to form a friendship that helped my business out as well.” Said Vaz.

A Friendship and Partnership

What followed was a collection of the J and K series’ at Vaz Dairy, and a bowling team started by Vaz that Duncan is now a part of.

Vaz and Jim Duncan have a strong work relationship still today. “Even though he’s a
sales representative, I get more accomplished when I work through him.”

“Whenever I call. It can be anything,” Vaz answers when asked about a time Duncan and Delk have gone above and beyond. “I’ll call Jim and say, ‘Hey can you bring me some blades?’ and he’ll grab a set, throw them in his truck and next trip down he brings them.”

Vaz continues his praises for the duo saying, “Mike’s really good. Most of the time I can send Mike the codes, he can troubleshoot me, send me the part, and walk me through installation. And that helps, him walking us through a lot of things.”

Stretching beyond his own operation, Vaz has even been able to contribute to John Deere’s engineering during a customer feedback and discussion event about the Final Teir 4.

“Something I mentioned,” Vaz recalls, “was the wind grabbing the door. It would swing back and shatter the glass. Now there is a solution that has helped prevent that issue in the door. That’s my little claim to fame! We also discussed ways to improve visibility in the cab.”

Currently, VAZ Dairy has three K series and one J – all of which are running on the VAZ Dairy operation today.

“The J has had it’s long life – 19,000 hours. Those are not easy hours. They start out as easy hours. All of our loaders that we buy normally start off as feed loaders just on the slab. Don’t touch anything else. I don’t even like them to go off the concrete,” says Vaz.

“I like the code feature now because I can set operators to certain machines to prevent them from being used in different applications,” explains Vaz.

At the end of the day, Vaz explains what is most important about equipment solutions.

“A company is only as good as your service. Machines are going to go down, that’s just a given. And now these machines are so much more complicated – if you don’t have somebody to work on them, who has the technical experience, you need that,” says Vaz.

A Big Partner Thank you!

Thank you to the crew at Vaz Dairy! Your feedback and honesty makes us better. We appreciate the friendship and partnership that