Blizzard Buster Package | 4Rivers Equipment

Posted on December 20, 2017

At the 4Rivers store at their Strasburg, Colorado location, Travis Wright, one of the 4Rivers Sales Representatives, explains what their Blizzard Buster Packages are and the different types of deals they offers during this promotion.

The 4Rivers Blizzard Buster Package includes your choice of the John Deere 1Series 1023E Sub-Compact Utility Tractor for $99/month with a 120R Loader attachment for only +$34/month, or the John Deere 3Series 3038E Family Compact Utility Tractor for $187/month with a 300E Loader attachment for only +$48/month.

Whichever great deal you choose, if you purchase both the tractor and the loader with it, you automatically receive a FREE Rear Scraper Blade for your new tractor and loader. For the 1023E Tractor with the 120R Loader, you will receive a FREE RB2060 Rear Scraper Blade to go along with it. And for the 3038E Tractor with the 300E Loader, you will get a FREE RB2072 Rear Scraper Blade to go with your brand new tractor! What a great way to get ready for winter than with a new tractor, loader, and scraper blade? You can push snow, clear your driveway, spread rock, grade your lanes, or even use it in the horse stables or barn. Whatever you need it for, 4Rivers Equipment is there to help.

Whether you are a home owner or have a small horse farm and need just a step up from your riding lawnmower, the 1Series tractor is the right machine for you.  Or if you’re a small farmer and need a little something more than just a riding lawnmower or a 1Series tractor, then the 3Series tractor would be the right choice for you. And now is the best time to get one! No matter what type of tractor you need, 4Rivers Equipment has you covered.

4Rivers has no problem letting customers take the tractors out or even demoing them for you. They are truly here to serve the customer and every one of your needs. Check out all of our deals here or simply stop by one of their locations to even test them out!