Coffee Talks #4 | Furrow Focus | 4Rivers Equipment

Posted on December 20, 2017


Furrow Focus

Today’s Topics:

  • Active Yield
  • Combine Advisor
  • Hydro Handle
  • Platform Tilt
Active Yield:

On the new S700 series, you have the ability to order Active Yield. They are the three little weigh pads in the grain tank that help calibrate your machine as it’s going through the field. This is a new feature that they recently came out with this year. This does not replace manual calibrations; rather, it is an additional option to help with calibrations.

It is available for five different crops right now; which are, corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, and canola. Active yield eliminates time-consuming manual calibrations with automated sensors that calibrate the mass flow sensor by measuring the grain as the tank continues to fill. It also allows operators to make real-time decisions without leaving the cab and leads to more accurate yield mapping data. Refer to the video for a visual representation of the Active Yield page you would get to through your harvest calibrations option on your display. NOTE: You must have a receiver on the cab and the TCM must be calibrated on good-level ground. It won’t take accurate samples if you are on a slope because the load will shift in the tank.

Five crops, three sensors, and one easy way to ensure that your harvest data is accurate and there is no time spent calibrating; automatic data collection.

Combine Advisor:


  • Harvest Setup application for initial set-up and setting storage


  • VisionTrak system for monitoring losses and harvesting performance
  • Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) optimize performance wizard for step-by-step guidance of combine setting optimization.


  • Integrated Combine Adjustment 2 (ICA2) applications for automation technologies:
    • Improved HarvestSmart for automatic ground speed control
    • Active Terrain Adjustment for terrain change management
    • Auto Maintain with ActiveVision cameras for crop condition change management

Refer to the video for more information and visual representations for all of these technology options.

Hydro Handle :
  • Customizable buttons
  • Customizable buttons on armrest controls

Refer to the video for a visual representation of the new Hydro Handle in the new S700 series combines.

The new Hydro Handle is totally customizable. They created this handle so you don’t have to take your hand off the handle anymore. This allows you to stay in control of the combine and make sure it is optimized as best as possible. The new Hydro Handle is much more comfortable than the previous ones. However, one of the big differences between the new Hydro Handle and the old one is that Neutral is on the right side; rather than the left side where it used to be. So that’ll be one thing that you may have to get used too.

Nevertheless, all of your main functions will still be on there as well. You’ll still have your 1, 2, 3 buttons for your header height adjustment, loader auger swing, loader auger engagement, autotrak, and header – raise, lower, tilt, etc. All that stuff will be the same. But now you have 3 buttons that you can customize that are just a one-click on, 2 extra buttons that are for toggle, and then 1 scroll button that you can use to scroll with (refer to video for location of scroll button on the Hydro Handle). All-in-all, there is a ton of functionality on the Hydro Handle and you can completely customize them to however you want.


There will be a page that pops up on the armrest display and you can pick each individual thing you want to set. The range of things you can do depends on what kind of head you have, if you have a folding corn head, if you have a folding auger, etc.; things like that. You can customize everything to exactly how you want them. You can also set your autotrak to it too; so if you want to just do your nudges left and right, you can just set that on your scroll knobs. You can set it to do anything you want the Hydro Handle to do on that combine; and all you have to do is click a button to make it work.

Refer to the video for an exact picture of how everything is set up inside of the cab with all of the new features and additions John Deere has made. Everything is much more user-friendly. There are quick access buttons for everything you need for your Gen 4 armrest display. They even added a cellphone holder with a small hole at the bottom so you can actually run a phone charger up through the hole and you don’t have wires scattered all over the place in the cab of your combine.


Platform Tilt:

John Deere came out with Platform Tilt in 2015 on the S6 series combines. It has a 17° angle of tilt so you can change it and optimize it for just about any crop. It allows you to hydraulically adjust the fort-aft pitch of headers with just the touch of a button inside your cab. The 17 degrees of tilt adapts to the changing crop and field conditions including down crop. Furthermore, Platform Tilt gives you the ability to start harvesting earlier and quit later in the day.

Refer to the video for a visual representation of how much the header will tilt forward and how much it’ll tilt back.