Welcome Partner | Kent Russell, The Forage Pro | 4Rivers Equipment

Posted on June 1, 2018

4Rivers Equipment would like to welcome our newest partner, Kent Russell to the team! Born and raised in Broken Bow, Nebraska, Kent Russell grew up on the farm. Needless to say, there was definitely more cattle than people where he came from. With all the livestock in the area, baling hay was a part of growing up in rural America.

By seeing all types of machines in the field growing up, Kent learned hands-on the John Deere difference.

“John Deere balers have come a long way from the 530 model that we had on the farm. I would say now, the John Deere 560M is the best round baler on the market. It’s the little designs that make the difference in a quality pick up, and John Deere has done a lot to engineer these tweaks into the baler.” Kent says.

Reliable machines and quality results drove his loyalty to John Deere Equipment, which influenced his career choice.

Kent has worked in the John Deere world for over 23 Years. With time spent in both the parts and service departments, he has seen all types of forage equipment like balers, windrows, and mower conditioners in his day.

With this expertise, Kent really shines when it comes to training customers on forage equipment. Between demoing machines to make sure you have the right fit, to making sure you have your machine set up properly when we drop it off, Kent is a great resource for hay and forage expertise. That’s why 4Rivers Equipment is proud to have Kent Russel join the team, as our Forage Pro.