John Deere 9800 | Demo Day

Posted on September 25, 2018

Greeley, CO – John Deere dealership, 4Rivers Equipment, recently demonstrated John Deere’s newest high-capacity, self-propelled forage harvester, the all-new 9000 Series. This new series was introduced to the market towards the end of August in Milan, Italy. 4Rivers Equipment was fortunate enough to demonstrate one of only four models that are in the US right now. The Demo Day took place at Larson Farms in Greeley, CO.

The John Deere SPFH 9000 Series consists of four models, all with final Tier 4-compliant engines; the 9600 with 616 horsepower, the 9700 with 759 horsepower, the 9800 with 858 horsepower and the 9900 with 957 horsepower.

These new self-propelled forage harvesters are a major game changer for John Deere in this segment with a 24L V12 Liebherr engine, which equates to less fuel/ton per hour and the new John Deere XStream™ KP, which is equivalent to Scherer KP. DLG Independent Testing benchmarked the John Deere 9800 against the industry leader and found the John Deere series far superior according to the following competitive metrics:

  • Corn: Up to 15% more throughput in average LOC, up to 30% in short length of cut (tons/hour)
  • Grass: 11 Minutes less pick-up blocking on John Deere and 10% more throughput
  • Fuel: Up to 22% less fuel consumption per ton of crop harvested in corn
  • 1000 Hours engine service interval compared to 500 of MAN V12 on Jaguar 970/980
  • Longer life vs Claas V-Max Cutterhead

Greg Shriner, with Silver Reef Organic Farms, was one of the lucky few that got to personally test-drive the new John Deere 9800. “For me, I’m impressed at 1600 rpms it can take 12 rows.”said Shriner. “I watched it at 5.3 mile-per-hour just taking in the silage very easily.”