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Posted on June 24, 2018

By: Kent Russell  5/1/2018

With spring just around the corner, you may be thinking about that first cutting. It’s been pretty dry recently and with the freezing weather seeming to be slowing down, makes for a pretty mild winter for Colorado. Whatever the elements may be, I have some tips and tricks that you should think about before your first cutting of spring.

Coming up on the end of March here in 2018, alfalfa seems to be coming out of dormancy pretty quickly. With this weather we’ve had recently and the 70 degree days we’re getting, alfalfa is definitely beginning to green up and starting to grow pretty quick. A little concern I do have is if Colorado gets another large dump of snow or some more freezing weather, that it might hinder the growth of the some of that alfalfa.

In regards to the moisture levels, I believe moisture will have a big impact on this year’s growing season. Right now it’s pretty dry. This could definitely affect the growth of crops as they won’t start growing as quickly this year. As of now, I don’t think it’ll push back first cutting or anything because I also believe we might get a bit more rain or snow at the end of March and beginning of April; just enough moisture to get it started growing.

As spring approaches, I suggest that you check over your windrowers, balers, and SPFH and make sure that they’re ready to go. If you do need any kind of service work, give 4Rivers a call and we’ll get it in the shop before your first cutting.