Kent Russell, the Forage Pro | June, 2018

Posted on June 25, 2018

Coming up on the end of May, we’ve seemed to have some really nice rain in the area in the past couple of weeks which has helped the crops get started. Hay is also looking good from what I’ve seen so far. Although it is short in some areas because of dry weather, we’ve also had a fair amount of rain in other areas as well. All in all, crops have been progressing nicely.

There have been a few guys that have already started cutting hay but for the most part, it’s still a bit early. Most of them are either trying to get ahead of the weeds or they’re having some bug problems; so of course they’re trying to get it cut early and get it off the field before the heads get to ripe and you end up reseeding the whole field with weeds again. Bugs may also start becoming a problem for you as well. If you are already having bug problems, I believe it’s just best to go ahead and cut it to get it off the field, or spray if time allows.

Otherwise, I’m betting that most other people start cutting in the first week of June. The weather is cooperating nicely and it looks like it’ll be a good cutting this June. It looks pretty good so far up here in the Greeley/Windsor area. Many are chopping that first cut for feed for the multiple dairy farms and feed lots; which is another way to get that crop off the field fast so you can get ready for the second cutting.

I was attending a 4Rivers training session down in southern Colorado during May, and I was talking with some of John Deere’s Product specialists. They had mentioned a baler mobile app for the new 331 & 341 round balers. They were releasing the app to the general public on June 6th of this year and they will be available for order in the start of July.

It is designed for 1-series square balers and you must have an iPad to connect with it. The app is free to download and will keep track of moisture, weight per bale, date and time, etc. It’s almost like the yield monitor that’s in a combine. The app places all of the data and information onto your iPad for easy access and makes it easy to understand. 4Rivers and I are hoping to demo a machine soon and show everyone how the app works in real-life. We’ll keep you updated!

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