Kent Russell, The Forage Pro | Personal Training with John Deere Specialists | 4Rivers Equipment

Posted on June 25, 2018

During May, 4Rivers Equipment had a week of “Demo Certified Training” down in Trinidad on Fred Eichler’s property. There were Product Specialists from John Deere meeting up with our 4Rivers salesmen to help teach and show them first-hand some of the new products they’re coming out with.

Never in my career have I seen such a close partnership that John Deere has with another dealership. 4Rivers Equipment and John Deere are partners who work hand-in-hand together to provide farmers the highest quality machinery and the most accurate and up-to-date information in the agricultural industry. Because of that close partnership 4Rivers and John Deere have, we are able to pass all of that information on to you, the most important person, the farmer.

While we were down there, we were able to run a W235 windrower, a rake, a 340 large square baler, the new 341 model square baler, and a 560M with the new A520R round bale accumulator as well. The new bale accumulator on the back of the 560M baler can also fit anything from 567, 568, 569, or the new 0-series balers. All you do is hook it to the back and it allows you to unload up to 3 bales in one spot. This makes the picking up of the bales easier and less time consuming, with less trips across the field.

As I mentioned in my blog previous to this one, the John Deere folks had talked about a new baler app for your iPad or mobile phone. The app is for 1-series balers like the 331 & 341 round balers and it’s even free to download. The app will keep track of moisture, weight per bale, date and time, etc. Like I said last time, it’s almost like the yield monitor that’s in a combine. The app also places all of the data and information onto your iPad for easy access and puts it in a way that’s easy to understand. They released the app to the general public on June 6th and they’ll be available for order in the start of July.

All in all, the “Demo Certified Training” went very well and I personally can’t wait until we can do it again. I really enjoy getting first-hand experience from our great partners at John Deere.

4Rivers and I are working on getting a demo set up to teach anyone how the app will work on your 1-series baler in a real-life environment. Keep up with my blogs to find out when we’ll schedule that demo! CLICK HERE to check out more of my blogs and stay up-to-date with my new ones. I’ll be posting them weekly! – Kent Russell, The Forage Pro