With the tools and data that you have acquired from Ground, it is time to put data into use. Take a look at how 4Rivers Equipment can provide you with strategies to perfectly place your inputs this year.

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John Deere Sprayer

RTK Boundaries

Setting boundaries helps save inputs by shutting off applications in marked areas. To get your fields’ boundaries marked we simply need to map it.

What we need from you:
  • Tell us the types of boundaries you need

(Pivot, square, split fields, water ways etc.)


How we do it:
  • We will come map the fields you would like.
  • We hand you the information in a your preferred format.

Variable Rate Application

We all know that VR Seeding, Irrigation, and Fertilizer saves you money. That’s why 4Rivers Equipment will work with a 3rd party of your choosing to develop a plan. Looking to gather all your data from your JDLink account and solidify a plan for the season? We got you covered.

What we need from you:
  • EM-RTK Data
  • Soil Data
  • Input and Yield Goals

exact emerge planter