With any new precision ag strategy, groundwork needs to be laid in order to get started. These tools below will allow you to have a solid starting point for collecting accurate and robust data.

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em rtk mapping gator for precision ag

EM-RTK Mapping

Knowing your soil is the most important data you can gather to know your field’s potential. EM-RTK mapping combines RTK placement data with Electro-magnetic reading. This creates accurate soil composition maps for you to build your decisions from.

How we do it:
  1. A pre-mapping consultation allows us to nail down goals, fields and acres to map.
  2. 4Rivers takes a Gator specially rigged up with Electro-Magnetic technology to create a map based on soil composition.
  3. We process the data through Ag Studio.
  4. Then we hand the data to you on a USB drive in a post-mapping consultation to review the data.

JDLink and Wireless Data Transfer

Getting your profile properly set up is the toughest part about getting started with precision ag and JDLink, but from there, the productivity opportunities are endless. With Wireless Data Transfer, avoid timely data uploads to my operations center. Ask us about how it works!

How we do it:
  1. We will set up your profile.
  2. We will then schedule a training time with you to review basic usage.
  3. Post-season, we will follow up to see how well you used your profile.

JDLink Screen detailing precision ag data