With any new precision ag strategy, groundwork needs to be laid in order to get started. These tools below will allow you to have a solid starting point for collecting accurate and robust data.

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Operations Center

If you have a John Deere machine, then you already have a full suite of precision ag tools available to you through John Deere Operations Center. But what is an Operations Center? It’s your centralized resource for JDLink enabled equipment and field operational data!

Boundary Mapping

Create field boundaries for precise management and decision making.

Field boundaries are the cornerstone to any agronomic decision making. Collection of your field’s boundaries is the first step in making changes to traditional farming practices and enable the grower to start making decisions about how to improve their bottom line.

EM-RTK Mapping

Knowing your soil is the most critical data you can gather to understand your field’s potential. EM-RTK mapping delivers geo-referenced soil maps which creates an accurate soil composition map for you to build your decisions.

Soil Sampling

The type of soil you have along with understanding of its composition is critical to identifying the proper crops and practices for your soil conditions. Additionally, pairing these two critical pieces of information will help you to understand what applications are needed in a given year, to increase your yield at harvest time.