Take a look at the tools and training that allow you to watch your operation grow through out the year.

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JDLink Screen looking at his operation grow

JDLink and Wireless Data Transfer

Getting your profile properly set up is the toughest part about getting started with JDLink, but from there, the productivity opportunities are endless.

How we do it:
  1. We will set up your profile.
  2. We will then schedule a training time with you to review basic usage.
  3. Post-season, we will follow up to see how well you used your profile.

Water Monitoring

Water is life to your operation. You simply can’t spare a drop. By watching your water usage throughout the year, you make sure your drops are hitting the right spots at the right time.

How we do it:
  1. We need your EM-RTK Mapping Data to recommend the best placement for your Water Probes.
  2.  4Rivers installs your Water Probe.
  3. You receive weekly reports on your water usage.
  4. At the end of the growing season, we remove the probe!

John Deere field connect in a field that is growing