Now that you have a robust set of data, it’s time to take a macro look at your operation. These tools give you the ability to benchmark and make strategic decisions based on data.

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Operations Center


Yield Data Collection and Processing Report

Yield data is one of the oldest forms of electronic information available to growers. Yield is the result of all the good and adverse factors of the growing season. Ultimately, it’s the scorecard by which you judge yourself. Historical yield data, along with your other operational data, helps form the baseline of the annual report card and the subsequent analysis.

Evidence-based Analysis Report, Field Analyzer Beta

You deserve unemotional results. The evidence-based analysis is a logic-based cloud dynamic, available in Operation Center. It compares individual variables like crop type, varieties, and practices to yield. The factual information is intended to help growers and trusted advisors alike, make better-informed decisions that optimize use of inputs, time and labor to maximize profitability and improve their bottom line. By carrying this information into subsequent growing seasons, you are increasing your knowledge and building data to make even stronger decisions year after year.