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JDLink Is Now Free!

That’s right! John Deere is no longer charging for JDLink Connect, it will be free for our customers, for life. ...

That’s right!

John Deere is no longer charging for JDLink Connect, it will be free for our customers, for life.  The customer must upgrade to a 4G MTG if they haven’t done so already to get JDLink free for life. Ask your Parts or Service teams for help to get the upgrade! This goes into effect on July 14, 2021.

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As of July 14, JDLink will become free for all customers, for as long as they own their equipment.  Subscription management will shift from a per-machine basis to an organizational level.  This means that individual subscriptions won’t need to be managed on each machine.  Instead, customers simply opt into JDLink for their entire fleet.  One-click in their JDLink account, and all currently owned machines, as well as machines purchased in the future, will be automatically added to their JDLink organization.  Subscriptions will never have to be managed again.  Simply log in to JDLink, and you will be presented with a screen that allows you to start the process to opt into JDLink.  Customers can choose to leave certain pieces of equipment out of their JDLink account if they so choose.

At the end of the process, customers can choose whether to automatically enroll future equipment purchases into their JDLink account.  Once complete, customers will never have to manage subscriptions again.  The only requirement for customers to enjoy JDLink, free for life, is that the hardware on their machine (Modular Telematics Gateway or MTG) is current.  3G devices will no longer function after January 1, 2022; so we encourage all of our customers to take advantage of current programs which allows them to upgrade* to a 4G MTG for just $200**!


Start enjoying all the benefits of JDLink; such as tracking machine location, monitoring utilization of machines, tracking idle time, and keeping track of scheduled maintenance; all for free!


*MY2019 and newer equipment, in most cases, is already installed with a 4G MTG.

**Labor and travel for installation are not included.  Labor is typically 45 minutes.  Quantities are limited.


4Rivers Technology Solutions team can help customers with this setup by contacting us at 970-528-1233 or 4ris@4riversequipment.com

Customers can opt out at any time.