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John Deere 1 Family vs. Kubota BX Comparison

  The John Deere one family and Kubota BX series sub-compact tractors have similar dimensions, horsepower ranges, and open station...


The John Deere one family and Kubota BX series sub-compact tractors have similar dimensions, horsepower ranges, and open station configurations. Still, there are a few things that set John Deere apart.

John Deere One-Family Tractor:
The John Deere one-family has an innovative quick park loader that lets you attach a loader without leaving the seat, a rugged composite hood that resists dents and won’t rust. Also, an i-match quick hitch that enables you to connect implements as fast as you set your watch, but maybe best of all, there’s the industry exclusion patent on the John Deere auto-connect drive-over mower deck. Auto-connect technology has been proven on thousands of John Deere one-family tractors.

John Deere Auto Connect Mower Deck:
The John Deere auto connect mower deck only takes four simple steps to attach. First, line up the tractor and drive over using the left guide rail, then listen for the click of the PTO connection, set the gauge wheels, and you’re ready to mow.

John Deers patented auto-connect technology that connects the PTO drive shaft to the mower drive shaft automatically without leaving the seat means no struggling to align the deck, no strain, or trying to hook up the PTO. When you’re ready to take the mower off, unlock the gauge wheels, release the mower deck from the tractor and back up.

Kubota BX:

With the Kubota BX, there are a few more steps than the John Deere. Unfortunately, you can’t attach the mower deck with the loader on, so you’ll need to remove it before you can install the mower. First, change all four gauge wheels to their lowest height setting. Then un-pin, release, and position the ramps. Be sure to have a pair of work gloves because there are some pinch points on the ramps.

Next, drive over the deck, careful to stay on the narrow ramps needed to clear the whole deck. Unlike on the John Deere, there’s no sound to indicate that you’ve correctly attached to the deck, but don’t check by lifting the mower deck because the rams will scrape the tires.

Once you have cleared the mower deck and correctly positioned it, there are several levers that you need to remember to latch—the first locks in the deck to the tractor. The second connects the PTO. Now, wait before you mow; remember to fold up and pin the ramps back onto the mower deck on each side of the tractor. While you’re on each side of the tractor, adjust the gauge wheels to the mowing height.

To detach the Kubota BX mower deck, you will need to go through the installation process but backward, starting with the gauge wheels. Then the ramps and disconnecting all the levers. Keep it simple with the 1025R John Deere tractor and the rest of the John Deere one-family.

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