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John Deere 1 Family vs. Mahindra eMax Comparison

    The John Deere 1025R and the Mahindra eMax offer a mid-mount mower, but only the John Deere has...



The John Deere 1025R and the Mahindra eMax offer a mid-mount mower, but only the John Deere has the auto-connect drive over-deck.

Auto Connect Mower Deck:
You can attach the mower deck without ever leaving the tractor. First, lower the mid-mount lift system and slowly drive over the deck ramps. As you do, the PTO shaft connects automatically. Then, listen for the click, which indicates the deck is attached, adjust cutting wheels, and you are ready to mow. To remove the deck on the John Deere, one family release one bracket, unlock the gauge wheels, and back up over the deck.

For the Mahindra eMax, slowly drive over the deck, crawl under the tractor’s right side, reposition the deck to line up, hold and insert a pin, then repeat on the left side of the tractor. Crawl under the front of the tractor, connect the front linkage and crawl under the tractor’s rear to join the PTO. Then once back on the tractor, you are ready to mow. On the eMax, you need to once again crawl under all four sides of the tractor to remove pins, release the front bracket and the PTO. You must complete all these steps every time you are putting on or taking off the mower deck.

Mower Deck Mid Mount Lift:
John Deere offers the convenience of an optional independent mower lift with a button on the front console. Just turn the mower height adjustment, raise or change the cutting height and you’re done. There’s even a transport lock. The optional independent mower lift is simple, intuitive, and only offered on the John Deere one-family.

Rear Position Control:
With the optional i-match hitch on John Deere’s one-family tractor, you can attach and detach implements without leaving the tractor seat. Another rear hitch advantage on the John Deer one family tractors is the position control hitch. The position of the three-point control lever sets the height of the three-point attachment by locking in the lever stop. You can now lower a rear implement to the same place every time. That means a consistent tilling depth or cutting height.

There is no position control on the eMax three-point, each time the operator moves the three-point lever, the attachment drops a set amount. It takes lever tapping and time to get back to the level you want.

The Mahindra eMax and the John Deere, one-family tractors offer loaders with good hydraulic performance, but John Deere has a much better design with a quick park loader if you want to remove the loader.

John Deere does a quick job of removing the bucket from the loader. On the Mahindra eMax, you have to pound the pins out to change attachments on the loader.

With the Mahindra, eMax anticipate dismounting off the tractor several times when removing the front loader. You will need to set the parking stands and remove pins. Lastly, make sure to unhook the hydraulics as well before pulling away.

John Deere offers the quick park loader on all one-family tractors. The quick park loader is designed with a built-in park stand that drops automatically and holds the loader stable. Then dismount from the tractor once to unhook the color-coded hydraulics.

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