Lil’ Partners Club

Posted on April 8, 2019

4Rivers Equipment is excited to announce the introduction of our new Lil’ Partners Club for kids ages up to 10! Our Lil’ Partners Club teaches kids about the agricultural and construction industries, heavy equipment and equipment safety, the John Deere brand itself, and much more. We feel it is a way for your local 4Rivers dealer to get involved with our local communities, teach kids what it’s like to work for a John Deere dealership, and potentially create lasting relationships with local community members such as yourself.

We will have various fun activities at events we do where there will be games like scavenger hunts and pedal tractor races, toys, prizes, and much more. Your kid(s) will never be bored at a Lil’ Partners event!

We will send out membership and graduation certificates, personalized birthday cards with a free gift, quarterly newsletters with various fun facts and activities, and so much more!

4Rivers will have a Lil’ Partners area at many local events we do around the Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming areas so be sure to keep an eye out for our next event so you can bring your child(ren) out for some good ole’ fashion John Deere fun!

Lil’ Partners Club site:

If you’d like to check out some more information about our Lil’ Partners Club, click HERE to see more details. Here you can check out some of the featured drawings from kids, fun construction and agricultural facts, our quarterly newsletter, and you can even print out some activities and coloring pages for your kid(s) to do at home.

Lil’ Partners Club registration:

If you are interested in signing your child(ren) up for our Lil’ Partners Club, click HERE to fill out the registration form.