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John Deere 1 Family vs. Kubota BX

Having trouble deciding between John Deere and Kubota? While we encourage everyone to do their own research, 4Rivers wants to give you a quick walk around comparison to get you started.

John Deere 1 Family and Kubota BX Series subcompact tractors have similar horsepower ranges, dimensions and open station configurations. However, there are a few characteristics that set them apart.

Added Features: Loader

John Deere offers a Quik-Park loader that allows you to attach and detach your loader from the seat of your tractor.  This was designed for 2 reasons. First, to save you time as you switch from task to task. This feature is handy when you are cleaning up brush in the yard or fence line and need to switch to mowing in a tight space. Simply remove the bucket from your seat and you are on to the next task! The second reason for designing a Quik-Park loader operator ease and safety. Deere understands that operators need the easy button to avoid operator error and accidents.


John Deere also built a tractor with a composite hood. It’s designed to prevent rust and provide better balance throughout the machine. With John Deere’s design, weight is distributed based on loader work throughout the unit. By adding a metal hood, the tractor design would be front heavy, and would require a ballast box on the rear to balance for stability. With a composite and weight balanced hood, normal loader work does not require a ballast box. Here’s a great topic to research for Kubota units.

Some questions to ask would be:

  • What is the weight distribution design on a Kubota look like?
  • What is the maximum load weight allowed before needing a ballast box on both the John Deere and Kubota?
  • How much is a ballast box?

While these questions can get brushed under the rug easily, think about who you expect to be operating this machine. If you expect a beginner operator to be working with this unit, keep in mind that ease of use and stability will be key to their safety.

Attaching Mower Decks

Many competitors say they have a drive over deck, but John Deere’s patented Auto-Connect Drive over mower deck is simply the best.  John Deere’s patented auto connect technology connects the PTO drive shaft to the mower drive shaft, truly, automatically.  Simply drive over the mower deck using the wide guide rail and listen for the click. That’s the sign that you are connected!  Set your gauge wheels and you are ready to mow. With the 1 Series, you are even able to do all this while the loader is still attached. When you are ready to detach the mower deck, simply unlock the gauge wheels, release the mower deck from the tractor and back up.

Kubota’s BX Series requires detaching the loader, and getting off the tractor to unfold the drive over ramps. Adjust all 4 gauge wheels to the lowest height setting, then unpin to release and position the ramps.  The machine is ready to drive over the narrow rails of the deck. Once the machine is over the mower, the deck is ready to be hooked up. Once again, the operator will have to get out of the seat to connect the deck. The first hookup locks the deck to the tractor, and the second connects the PTO. Finally, pin the ramps back on each side of the tractor and adjust the cutting wheels back to cutting height. Now the machine is ready to mow.  Removing the mower is just the opposite of this process. Whew!

We know that in some cases, you may not need to the mower off as often. Once again, 4Rivers Equipment supports doing your research.

Some thoughts to ask yourself:

  • How often will I need to switch from the mower to the loader?
  • Who will want to use the tractor?
  • What is their level of experience with tractors?
  • Will they need help removing the loader?
Test Drive!

At the end of the day, online research can teach you the specs and features of a product, but the best way to see what is going to work with you is to get in the seat at test it for yourself. Shoot us a note, and we will get your demo scheduled today!

Dare to Compare Demo

The best way to dare to compare is to get in the seat and test it out yourself! Schedule a John Deere tractor demo here!