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John Deere 2R Series vs. Kubota B50 Series Comparison

John Deere 2R Series vs. Kubota B50

Looking for a smaller framed tractors with weight for stability and force? The John Deere 2R Series and the Kubota B50 Series compact utility tractors are a good comparison for heavier frames and better stability.


The new John Deere 2R series is built on a stronger, beefier chassis with a base weight of 2,436 lbs which is over 500 lbs heavier than the comparable Kubota B50 model.  The extra weight helps deliver more power to the ground, more strength to handle multiple implements and more stability for working on uneven ground. Not to mention, the 2R series has been designed by Deere to distribute the weight throughout the tractor for even more stability while using implements. One example being, the 2R Series also has a composite hood which lightens the load in the front to allow for better balance in loader work.

Increase your stability on hills or deep ditches with ease by adding 2” wheel spacers to widen your wheel base to 59.9” on the John Deere 2R Series, compared to 56.7” on the Kubota. Three inches added to the width of the tractor doesn’t sound like much, so we encourage you to test the difference. We encourage you to ask both your Kubota dealer and you 4Rivers Equipment location for a demo. Ask to take both tractors over speed bumps and feel the difference in the stability of the tractor.

A few things to think about while test driving:

  • “What type of terrain will I be working on?”
  • “Who will be operating the tractor?”
  • “Which one do I feel safer in?”
  • “Do I feel comfortable with that operator in this seat?”

These questions may seem silly, but when it comes to purchasing the right tractor, you really are looking for a durable tractor that can get the task done safely. Stability is a huge part of safety.

Ease of Use

The John Deere 2R has made operating a tractor as easy as driving a car. With Twin Touch pedals sitting right next to each other, simply use your foot to go forward or backward with slight motion.  No shifting in and out of drive or  reverse. For tight spots, this motion between back and forth is natural for users. With the E throttle from John Deere, you also don’t have to worry about adjusting any RPMs with your hands, it does it for you! That way, all you have to do is focus on driving the tractor.

The Kubota B50 model a heel-to-toe treadle pedal. While this seems intuitive, it require much more foot and leg motion to switch from forward to reverse. Operators with smaller leg range will learn how to reach the pedals for full control. That being said, don’t take our word for it! We encourage you to dare to compare with a test drive of your own. We are confident you will feel the difference.

Operator Fatigue

The John Deere 2R is built for operator comfort and increased visibility.  The controls are located on the clearly labeled on the right so any operator is able to feel comfortable. Take notice on your test drive of where common controls are located on both.

Think about a few things when you are sitting there:

  • How often am I going to be using these controls?
  • How long do I think my chores are going to keep me in this seat?
  • What kind of motion do I have to make to reach these controls?

Silly questions, but these small motions over time really take a toll on you muscles. John Deere has designed their operator’s station with operator fatigue in mind. They designed it to make sure your back motions are minimized, so you can kick up your feet and relax after a day’s work, without being sore.

Added Features: Lighting

Do you get up before the sun and work into well after dark? Or maybe you have a shadowy barn or treeline you are working in. John Deere has designed the 2R series with this work in mind. With the new 2R you can start your day earlier or work later thanks to the new high powered LED light option.  The Kubota B50 does not offer any fender lights to help you with your work day.

Added Features: Loader

Just like the John Deere 1 Series, the 2R offers is the Quik Park Loader which makes it easy to attach and remove the loader from the seat of the tractor.

With the Kubota B3350 also uses 2 independent parking stands. These can sink into the ground while storing. This makes it more difficult to attach again when you are ready to use it.

Things to consider:

  • Where are you going to store your loader stand?
  • How often are you going to take off your loader?
  • When you do decide to take off your loader to put on your mower, is your loader stand going to be easy to access?
Added Features: Drive Over Deck

As we mentioned for the John Deere 1 series, the 2R series also comes with the Auto Connect drive over mower deck for ease and convenience, as do the 1 series and 3 series. As we discussed earlier, the Auto Connect drive over deck is truly automated, while Kubota’s is still very labor intensive. We encourage shoppers to ask both 4Rivers Equipment representatives as well as Kubota’s Representatives to show them how to put on the mower deck. We are confident you will see the difference!


This is a topic that very few shoppers think about at the time of purchase and we at 4Rivers Equipment find incredibly important to the life of your equipment investment.

The John Deere 2R has been built with operators in mind. We understand that it’s a pain to service equipment when it’s the last thing on your mind on a weekend. With John Deere’s engineering, operators only have to change the transmission hydraulic oil every 1200 hours. The Kubota B50 requires it every 400 hours. That’s 3 times you have to change the oil for every 1 time you would with the John Deere.  Talk about a time saver! We encourage everyone to do their research on these types of statistics as there is always something to learn from operator manuals.

Some great things to ask while shopping:

  • How often would I need to service this machine?
  • How much would a service or tune up cost?
  • If you are servicing the equipment yourself, how long does it take to get common wear parts in?
  • How far away is the nearest location to pick the materials to service my machine?
  • Do you have pick up and delivery for service?

One thing that can be confusing about purchasing a tractor, is the warranty. We encourage to ask for a copy of the warranty at time of purchase to review the complexity of the claim process. Often times you will find that the warranty is too complex and rarely covers the issues you need it to.

4Rivers Equipment and John Deere pride ourselves on the transparency of our warranty. With 4Rivers Equipment, you receive an industry leading 10 Year/1000 Hour Powertrain Warranty on John Deere 1-5 Series Compact Utility Tractors! All we ask is that you bring it in yearly for an inspection to make sure that we catch any major failures before they happen. To plan ahead, you can purchase a 5 year Protection Package service plan that locks in you service price and can be bundled in to your monthly payment at time of a 2R tractor purchase.

As always, the best way to research the differences between John Deere tractors and the competition is to stop by for a demo! We want  you to see and feel the difference, ask questions, and be confident in your purchase. See you in!

Dare to Compare Demo

The best way to dare to compare is to get in the seat and test it out yourself! Schedule a John Deere tractor demo here!