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John Deere 4R Series vs. Kubota L6060- Attachability

You want premium performance, so let’s compare the John Deere 4R Series to the L60 Kubota.

Operator’s Station

Both the John Deere 4R series and the Kubota L60 offer a roomy open platform with tilt steering. The John Deere offers well placed, color coded controls as well as a suspension seat that can swivel for checking on rear implements. This makes controls easy to reach without strain to the lower back. John Deere is always trying to find ways to save wear and tear on the machine as well as the operator.

Added Features: Transmission

Let’s start with transmission, lighting, power take off, hydraulics and loaders.

Both the Kubota L6060 and the John Deere 4066R offer a clutch free hydrostatic. However, the 4066R offers Twin Touch pedals. Twin Touch pedals make it easy to switch from forward to reverse with slight movement of your foot naturally. The L6060 usea a treadle pedal that requires you to lift your foot and leg to switch directions. This makes it a little more difficult in tight areas when you are trying to be precise about your movement.

Added Features: PTO

For PTO work, both tractors offer a fully independent power take off,. The John Deere 4R tractors offer the E-PTO that saves fuel when you are doing light power take off work.  With the E-PTO engaged the 4066R can run a 540 PTO speed with just 1800 rpm’s.  This reduces noise, engine wear and saves you in fuel cost each year.

Kubota offers nothing like this in its L Series.  On The L6060 the engine must run 800 rpm’s higher to get a 540 PTO speed. Once again, Deere’s design is meant to reduce the wear and tear of your machine!

Added Features: Hydraulic Downforce

John Deere’s 4066R also has a unique feature, hydraulic downforce. Why is this important? Most implements don’t need downward pressure to make it work. However, if you are working with  implements like a box blade or a post hole digger, premium performance comes from extra force to the ground. Hydraulic down pressure is a must when it comes to tasks like these.

Things to think about:

  • What tasks do I need this unit for?
  • Will I need pressure to the ground to make it work?
  • Ask your Kubota representative about downward force on their models.
Added Features: Hooking up Implements

Implement hookup is easy thanks to Hitch Assist.  The John Deere 4R series offers a 3 point hitch assist axillary, just back the tractor up close to your attachment then use the fender mounted auxiliary hitch control to fine tune the position of the lower links.  How’s that for easy?  Still not quite there?  Simply use the hitch assist controls to move the tractor forward or reverse. Fine tune the tractors position without getting back in the tractor seat.

The Kubota L60 does have telescopic lower link. This feature will require you to be spot on when lining up the tractor. Because the telescopic link does not swivel from side to side, it makes it tough to get into position if you are a few inches off. Then position the height of the 3-point, which requires you to be off the tractor again.

Another easy attachment for the John Deere 4R is the 485A backhoe.  The Quick-tatch design tractor hydraulics does all the heavy lifting for you so you can go from tractor to backhoe in 5 minutes.

Welcome to the Rockies!

Out here in Colorado and Wyoming, we often run into terrain that can be challenging to work on. If you use your tractor on flat surfaces then you’ll like both the Kubota L60 and the John Deere 4R. But, if you need to work on hills or in the mountains with rocky ground, you’ll want a wider stance. Only John Deere offers optional wheel spacers for stability and ride quality.  Another great way to test out the stability of the tractor before you purchase is to ask for a simple demo course with a few speed bumps. We are confident you will feel the difference!

We always encourage tractor shoppers to do their homework. The best way to make sure you get into the right tractor is to ask questions and demo the equipment. We hope to see  you in at a 4Rivers Equipment location!

Dare to Compare Demo

The best way to dare to compare is to get in the seat and test it out yourself! Schedule a John Deere tractor demo here!