John Deere - Harvest Mobile
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John Deere - Harvest Mobile

Harvest Mobile works directly with your iPad to deliver in-cab visuals of mapping layers such as ground speed, wet yield, dry yield and moisture. You can see exactly what's going on in the field and view machine settings at a glance. Harvest Mobile simplifies the Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) capabilities of your combine. With ICA, machine setting adjustments can be quickly and easily made.

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  • Key Features
    • Use Field Review to learn insights about the harvest job
    • Monitor harvest performance in the cab
    • Improve combine performance through Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA)
    • Remotely monitor harvest within the John Deere Operations Center
    • Integrates easily with existing John Deere technology
    • Combine compatibility
    • John Deere technology compatibility
    • Mobile device compatibility
    System Components
    • Harvest Mobile annual subscription
    • Mobile devices
    • Wireless data server (WDS)
    • Combine installation kits