4th Generation Farm | Litzenberger Family

Posted on December 4, 2019


4th Generation Farm | Litzenberger Family

Litzenberger Farms | Mead, Co

The Litzenberger family of Mead, CO, has been farming in Weld County, Colorado, for four generations. As the technology evolves and Colorado’s landscape changes, this family farm is taking advantage of precision ag practices.

“We grow corn, sugar beets, wheat, Coors barley, alfalfa hay, and run a small cattle operation,” says Mike Litzenberger. His operation sits squarely in front of Long’s Peak, overlooking Longmont, CO’s expanding residential footprint. The farm’s history runs deep in the front range and has been extremely diverse over the years.

“My great grandparents came here to Mead, Colorado in the early 1900’s so I’m the fourth generation Weld County farmer in my family. I appreciate the hard work that they did. Think about how they harvested by hand, and what we do in a day was probably their entire season worth of crop,” explains Jennifer Musick. Jennifer grew up on the Litzenberger Farm, working the fields and cattle with her father, Mike. She now owns land with her husband and is continuing the farming tradition in their family.

As Colorado’s farm industry, weather, and water rights have changed over the years, the Litzenberger family is looking to partners like 4Rivers Equipment to help them do more with less through technology.

“4Rivers has been instrumental in helping us bridge that gap in how do we use this system? It’s cool, but how do we implement it into our farm?” she explains. There are so many great tools for John Deere equipment. They are helpful to see what you are doing in the field. Musick explains that the next step is putting the data into action, and 4Rivers is there to help.

4Rivers Integrated Solutions Specialist, Andy Hansen describes the ways that 4Rivers Equipment facilitates learning opportunities.
“We have put on customer clinics to try to help educate the farmers. We go out to the field and demonstrate the equipment so the customers can get some hands-on with new technology and the latest machines,” says Hansen.

Technology is changing on equipment, and that means learning your machine’s new features right away. That’s another place the 4Rivers team excels.

“A couple of years ago we bought our John Deere baler. It was amazing, the service, and the setup,” says Musick.

“Service was just impeccable. They did proper maintenance follow up on it last year, and I’ve never had one service call or one problem with it this year, never missed a bale,” adds Litzenberger.

“It was a great experience. 4Rivers made sure we knew the equipment inside out before we went out in the field with it and were there for any questions that we had,” explains Musick.

“The technology has made farming more efficient,” says Hansen.

“Yeah, I love the GPS for planting. It is monitoring throughout so you can see what you’re doing to do a better job,” explains Litzenberger.

“In our tractors, we utilize GPS, so we use that for planting, harvesting. It’s pretty neat to be able to see that and have a real-time on what’s going on in your operation,” Musick states.

Musick goes on to explain that her hope for the future is further integrating technology into their decision making. With drones for monitoring growth and water probes for reporting irrigation needs, the possibilities are endless.

Litzenberger explains why he runs John Deere equipment with 4Rivers, “4Rivers has been very good for parts and service, and they’re an integral key. Over and above.”

“Great equipment, great surveys, really great people to work with,” Musick adds.

“The reason why I enjoy my job is I get to help the farmers. I know my food came from a farm, so I feel good about what I’ve done throughout the day,” explains Hansen.

That’s why 4Rivers Equipment strives to support local farmers like the Litzenberger Family. Their passion for agriculture in Colorado is transparent. 4Rivers is here to help them transition into a new demanding agricultural market. To learn about more precision ag technologies, check out our Furrow Focus page.