IS Plays Role in CSU Pilot Class | 4Rivers Equipment

Posted on October 10, 2018

October 8, 2018 – Greeley, CO

Colorado State University Freshmen braved the cold this week and gathered at Fagerberg Farms to learn about Precision Agriculture from 4Rivers Equipment’s Integrated Solutions (IS). The students are in the first class at CSU of its kind, called Contemporary Ag Systems (CAS). The goal of the new CSU course is for freshmen studying Agriculture to learn how the different aspects of Agriculture integrate.

“We provide experiences in the integration of different aspects of agriculture industry, with the goal of this class becoming a requirement for Ag freshmen. 4Rivers Equipment is on the ground floor of helping us build this highlight class at CSU,” explains Nathan Clark, CSU Ag Instructor.

The class truly does cover all the different aspects, as every other week, the class is taken to a different field experience. From feed lots to grocery stores, the CAS class was able to meet with the 4Rivers IS team and learn how technology is essential to the modern and future farmer, and the dealership’s role in it. “We’re here to explain to them what we’re doing with AMS equipment, and how 4Rivers is involved in Agronomy. We’re trying to give them some exposure to how we get engaged with that area of the industry,” shares Nick Guadagnoli, 4Rivers Equipment’s Technology Manger.

Not only are the in-field experiences beneficial to both CSU students and 4Rivers Equipment, it is also beneficial to the future of Agriculture. “Events like these keeps the agricultural community growing, aware, and up to date on what farms are capable of today, but also what the future looks like for potential agricultural careers,” said Brad Reid, Service Manager at 4Rivers Equipment.

“We’d like to point out to them, as new students, here are some opportunities you can look at later on to specialize in that don’t necessarily involve you being a producer yourself,” adds Guadagnoli.

Though it is not the first event 4Rivers Equipment has teamed up with Clark on, every opportunity and occasion strengthens the growing relationship between our dealership and the CSU Agriculture department. “4Rivers Equipment has been an amazing resource. It doesn’t matter what I’ve asked for; they’ve always found a way to make it come together. They’re always willing to come out and show the students what’s going on, and the students are able to look at potential future employers, hopefully. It’s been a great partnership.” Clark explains.

Thank you, CSU, and Nathan Clark, for allowing 4Rivers Equipment’s IS team play a role in this pilot class, and the future of the agricultural community.