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Posted on January 23, 2020





Pine Bluffs, WY

R&K Farms is a highly diversified operation located in Pine Bluffs, WY. Keeping their equipment running at their peak performance is key.

Chad Bomberger, R&K Farms Foreman explains, “We’re an organic, no-till, farming operation with quite a few head of cattle on it.”

Travis Freeburg, R&K Farms Owner says, “Every year we keep on expanding and building, building, building.”

R&K Farms is seeing remarkable growth in the operation; it also comes with more investment to keep it running at peak performance.

“The farms are getting a lot bigger, but you’ve got to farm twice as much to make everything work out,” explains Bomberger.

“We’re a highly diversified operation. One of the large producers in the area. We were in all strictly Deere equipment,” states Freeburg.

“We own quite a bit of equipment. The more equipment, I guess, you have, the more you can get done in them shorter windows,” explains Bomberger.

Quality tractors, combines, and other field working equipment makes the operation tick. When those machines are down, it cost time when moments mean dollars.

“4Rivers plays a significant role, because without all these big shiny John Deere equipment if they’re not running, and running at their peak performance, our operation comes to a standstill,” says Freeburg.

Integrated Solutions Specialist Zach Carpentar explains how 4Rivers Equipment prepares for the customers’ needs.
“We try and be as informative as we can, and know as much as we can about a customer’s operation. The more we know, the better we can help them to make better decisions for their farm.”

“You know, they’re a big help. They’re there whenever we need them, which makes a lot of difference. The dealer support is very good there,” says Bomberger.

“We’re operating machines on a pretty high level. We’re using a lot of different precision ag technologies, and those technologies have only grown,” explains Carpentar.

Freeburg explains how technology has influenced their practices, “Auto Track, yield data logging; we use all that kind of stuff, all the best new technology that there is.”

“You need to know what’s going on in that farmer’s field, so you can say, ‘You need this,’ or, ‘This would help you in that scenario,'” explains Carpentar.

“If we ever have trouble, they’ve got staff that can answer our questions or guides us through. Several of them will answer their phone no matter what time of day it is,” says Freeburg.

Primarily being located in some remote areas of Wyoming, R&K Farms needs solutions without traveling into town.

Bomberger explains, “Anytime I’ve had any problems with codes, or anything on tractors, I’ve been able to call the Cheyenne store and talk to Tim, the service manager. He handles it within 15 minutes, and he gets right back to me.”

“Our salesman, Brian from 4Rivers, there’s been several instances where he took his vehicle and drove to the warehouse when it was closed, and got us apart, and got us going where it would have been two, three days down. They’re good to work with,” says Freeburg.

With technology solutions available to keep downtime down, 4Rivers Equipment has proven to be a partner of R&K Farms.