South Clinic Expo | 4Rivers Equipment

Posted on February 19, 2019

February 13th, 2019 4Rivers Equipment hosted the second annual John Deere Product Clinic Expo. During the expo, experts of large ag equipment gathered at the 4Rivers Equipment location in Rocky Ford to teach local attendees about the newest machines from Deere and the several shortlines 4Rivers has to offer.

The Clinic Expo consisted of more stations than any of its previous years with shortline representatives, Deere experts, and technology solutions!

One of the highlights of the 2019 Clinic Expo was that 4Rivers Equipment was able to invite and host multiple local FFA chapters, as well as support them by providing donations for each student in attendance. Throughout the day the students were able to learn the equipment with local farmers, and even about career opportunities with 4Rivers Equipment. To further their support, 4Rivers hosted a jeopardy-styled fundraiser for the FFA chapters attending with the most amount of students.

The FFA Trivia Fundraiser was held with the top participating schools putting their knowledge to the test for additional donations. Fowler not only had the largest number of students participating with 29 students in attendance, but they were also the FFA Trivia Fundraiser winner, receiving $500 for their local chapter. Rocky Ford was runner-up, receiving $250 towards their local chapter.

4Rivers Equipment is proud to have put on a great event that allowed attendees to come learn about the newest ag equipment. More importantly, we are proud to have partnered with the community and support farmers and students alike.