Sweatt Construction | Building You Stronger

Posted on January 24, 2020





Artesia, NM

Sweatt Construction has been in dirt business for over 50 Years in Artesia, NM.

“We do anything dirt. We build, mainly oilfield fieldwork, we build locations, facility pads, and today we’re at 124 employees,” Brad Larson, President of Sweatt Construction, explains.

“This company has been in business for just about 54 years now. I’ve worked for them now for 20 years,” says Doug Fortner, Foreman at Sweatt Construction.

With the long history in New Mexico and Texas panhandle, Sweatt Construction has survived the ups and downs of the industry through hard work and the willingness to evolve their business practices.

“There’s a lot of companies that respect our work, like our work. We’ll take on anything,” says Larson.

While their business evolves, so too has their relationship with equipment dealers.

“4Rivers has been incredible. We couldn’t ask for a better working relationship,” explains Fortner.

Larson says, “4Rivers was awesome. Anything we needed, what sometimes we felt like would be difficult to locate, they kept on it and got it for us. It was very surprising how well we worked together.”

John Shearer, COO of 4Rivers Equipment, explains the importance of connecting with companies like Sweatt. “We get close to our customers. We emphasize having good relationships, getting to know the customer’s business, and looking for opportunities to help the customer out in any way we can.”

Technology has helped Sweatt Construction evolve. Now with John Deere technology integrated into the machines, Larson has seen his business taken to the next level.

“The technology available now, and coming out with the integrated stuff, is necessary. It’s essential. Some of the things we’ve done, you can never do it by freehand,” says Larson.

Fortner explains, “The technology has helped us tremendously. Number one, the speed of building this stuff, but number two, the accuracy. We’ve got to the point we couldn’t get by without it.”

Sweatt Construction Manager Sabino Lazos says, “It’s impressive what the machine behind me can do. We’re at the point where technology is going to take us further. We use the tools correctly, and it’ll put us in a position where we’re going to succeed in everything we do.”

As with any technology, there’s a need for new support. That’s where 4Rivers Equipment has helped Sweatt work through troubleshooting.

“4Rivers has been awesome to work with on technology. Most of the problems that we get, they can fix them over the phone with us,” explains Fortner.

“The service guys take care of our customers daily. Work overtime, work on weekends, get out there, and take care of them. And our parts people are always striving to make sure we have the right part, on the shelf, when the customer comes through the door, “says Shearer.

“4Rivers is an excellent company. They’ve treated us very well, and the salespeople have been there, and it’s a unique relationship we have with 4Rivers,” states Larson.

With partners on hand like 4Rivers Equipment, Sweatt Construction sees a new future building for the next 50 Years.