Trax Construction | Building You Stronger

Posted on December 5, 2019



Trax Construction | Building You Stronger

Colorado Springs, CO

Construction companies up and down the front range may know 4Rivers Equipment as the go-to spot for John Deere equipment. However, 4Rivers has just recently added a new product line to the family. With the addition of the Wirtgen Group, 4Rivers is better prepared to support customers in the paving industry like Trax Construction.

“I worked with Trax Construction here in Colorado Springs. I’m the general manager. We’re proud of the fact that it’s a family-owned and operated business, and we’ve been in business for 25 years,” states Jerry Vanhorn, General Manager of Trax Construction.

“4Rivers as far as their parts and service department have been fantastic. We’ve had a long-standing relationship with them really for the 25 years that we’ve been in business,” continues Vanhorn.

Over the years, 4Rivers has been there to support Trax Construction’s needs with John Deere equipment, parts, and service. Now they take their support deeper with the addition of the Wirtgen line. While the brands may be different, 4Rivers takes the same approach to be a partner.

“I would say they are very friendly people; it’s been amazing. There are no problems,” states Kenneth McKinley Trax Foreman about 4Rivers Equipment. He goes on to explain that 4Rivers goes out of their way to be there when they need it. Whether it’s parts or service support, they are always there with a positive attitude and a will to get the issues fixed.

“Particularly with a milling machine, there are a lot of moving parts, and there’s a lot of wear parts that go with them. We ask them to particular stock parts. They’re not afraid to inventory, and when we need them, we call, we get them taken care of,” explains Vanhorn.

As for the Wirtgen product itself, there’s only one way to state their thoughts.

“Wirtgen, I love it. They’re easy to use. I don’t want to say dummy-proof, but I love them. They’re easy,” says McKinley.

“Our working relationship goes back to 2004 when we bought our first working mill. It’s got the technology that we’re looking for, and they continue to improve their product,” continues Vanhorn.

Wirtgen mills are known for their advanced technology and efficiency. When it comes to the operator’s favorite features of the machine; however, it’s the little things that make a better working environment that sets these machines apart.

“My favorite feature on the Wirtgen machine would be desk control. Before it was dusty and now it shoots it out the top, so it’s amazing,” says Mckinley.

Knowing that these machines are tearing up roads, you can imagine how parts can play a role in their efficiency.

“The parts are essential. We’ve got to have access to them. We can’t have our machines down. Yeah, there’s been several occasions where, for whatever reason, the part wasn’t here. 4Rivers made sure it was flown-in overnight. They’re very responsive when it comes to that. They know how important jobs are at the time. A day down is crucial to us,” explains Vanhorn.

“I have to get a couple of parts up at their parts store, and it’s always been fast, easy to work with people,” agrees McKinley.

“We can’t afford downtime. So the coordination between the three of us has been fantastic, and we’ve enjoyed the relationship, not only with Wirtgen but with 4Rivers,” states Vanhorn.

With both Wirtgen and customer, 4Rivers strives to be “Your Working Partner.” If you are interested in learning more about the Wirtgen line up at 4Rivers Equipment, click here.