Counties in the Spotlight | Chaves County, New Mexico

Posted on March 1, 2018

With 1,475 miles of dirt roads and 500 miles of caliche, Chaves County in New Mexico has a line of 10 heavy equipment operators. These operators are the backbone of the county. They rely on their equipment almost everyday to build the roads for the citizens of Chaves County and their favorite motor grader to work with is the John Deere G-Series.

When did you start working with Mike Delk and Jim Duncan?

“8 – 10 years ago.”

What do you use the loader for?

“Mostly pit work. It’s got that long reach on it. Boy I really like that. Better than belly dumps and stuff. It is one big loader!” – Jim Hickman

Is there a time Mike has gone above and beyond?

“Mike Delk is always going above and beyond, it’s hard to pinpoint one time. He’s been dedicated to whatever issue we may have and fixing it in a timely manner for us. Whatever it takes!”- Joe West

Jim, why do you like working with these guys?

“They’re just common people, they’re easy to visit with. We speak each other’s lingo and can get the job done.” – Jim Hickman

What would you tell others about 4Rivers?

“They’re a good company. They’ll work with you on everything. Jim’s knowledgeable on what size motor you need. If you feel you need something different he doesn’t argue with you. They also seem to be up to date on technology of machines as well. As often as that changes, it’s nice to have a knowledgeable resource to keep us updated.” – Joe West