Using A Tiller | John Deere Compact Utility Tractor | 4Rivers Equipment

Posted on May 1, 2019

On the Eichler family’s land, they use multiple pieces of heavy equipment attachments for their large farm operation. However, at home and in the garden, Michelle’s most handy piece of equipment is her tiller.

Michelle’s garden is a quarter acre; which is a pretty decent size for a home garden. She is also a very busy mom who is constantly moving and doesn’t have a lot of time to spare. But within half an hour to 45 minutes, she can have the entire garden rotary tilled and ready to go.

Michelle says it makes gardening a lot more fun when she’s using her tiller on the back of her compact utility tractor. Forget back-breaking work with hand tools or walk-behinds; a compact utility tractor is the way to go.

She’ll even till her garden 3 times before it’s actually time to plant. This is to get that manure spread around and worked into the dirt real well. Talk about doing the garden justice by not fatiguing and doing all the work. All she has to do is press the button and lower the tiller to get rid of those weeds and get the ground ready to plant.

Michelle is saves time and makes the most of her arid climate up in high elevation by using a tiller on the back of her compact utility tractor for her garden. Check out different CUT’s and attachments HERE or stop by your local 4Rivers dealership to get in the seat and take a test drive today!