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4R Customer Portal

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The 4R Customer Portal allows you to order parts online, access accounting information, and keep track of equipment. It's your one-stop shop for understanding your account with 4Rivers Equipment.

Apply For A Multi-Use Account

From John Deere Financial

With ultra-flexible farm credit that extends to more than 9,000 merchant and dealer locations for parts and service, your John Deere Multi-Use Account will quickly become your single farm financing solution for purchases, including:

- Equipment parts, service & attachments
- Crop seed, protectants & fertilizer
- Livestock feed
- Fuel, including bulk oil and petroleum
- Other general supplies, from gates to gloves

Apply For A Power Plan

From John Deere Financial

Managing Your parts and service purchases with John Deere PowerPlan Account Has Never Been Easier. Weekly Transaction Summary Alerts are emailed to you every Monday and include the following:

- Summarize purchases, payments, credits, and other activities from the previous week
- Help you keep track of spending, due dates, and other important information

Self Repair Made Easy

Your Right To Repair

You have the right and the ability to repair your own equipment. 4Rivers and John Deere are here to support you in every way. We are dedicated to supporting our customer’s equipment needs. Reducing downtime and maximizing productivity is one of our core value propositions and supports our customers’ ability to repair their own equipment.

The maintenance, diagnostic, and repair information listed below are available to our customers.
Such as:
• Customer Service Advisor™ (Electronic Datalink for diagnostics)
• Operator, Diagnostic, and Technical Manuals
• Online parts ordering through 4Rivers Customer Portal
• Special Tools
• Other publications with information on service, parts, operation, and safety

Customer service advisor™ (CSA) is a tool that allows end-users to perform diagnostics on their machines. CSA provides guidance on how to make these repairs. Using this information and these tools, end-users identify and repair numerous problems they may encounter with their equipment.

4Rivers Equipment is committed to our customers reducing owning and operating costs. Please contact any of our Parts or Service personnel with any questions or visit the John Deere Repair center.