Diamond Support

We enable the customer to maximize their technology with their equipment to utilize production solutions such as variable rate technology and data accuracy. 4Rivers Equipment will keep your down time low through our highly trained Service and IS Departments, as well as JDLink technology.

Price: $5,495

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4 AMS Support Agreements

  • Covers 4 AMS Systems
  • One Annual Software Update on AMS Components
  • Unlimited Dealer Phone Support with IS Product Support Specialist
  • Seasonal AMS Equipment Setup
  • Invitation to Exclusive Dealer Training Seminars at a 4Rivers Location
  • Regular Product Updates Provided via Exclusive 4Rivers Email Group
  • 4 Optimization Packages

    • One Planter Optimization Package
    • One Windrower Optimization Package
    • One Combine Optimization Package
    • One SPFH Optimization Package

    All Packages Include Complete In-Field Startup

    4 Technology Subscriptions

    • 4 Annual Subscriptions to 4Rivers RTK Network
    • 4 JDLink Activations; If Not Already Current

    4 Inspections

    • One Tractor Inspection
    • One Combine or SPFH Inspection
    • Two Additional Inspections from this list: Cornhead, Planter, Windrower, Baler

    Description of Service - (Up to 4 AMS Systems)

    • Initial on-farm AMS Product Training (up to 4 hours)
    • Participation in Exclusive 4RE VIP Post Season
    • Tech Accessment Forum
    • Free Loaners of Serialized AMS Components
    • in Warranty
    • Annual System Maintenance
    • (visual inspection software updates)
    • Seasonal AMS Equipment Setup

    *Unlimited phone support through combination of 4Rivers and John Deere Stellar Support

    Program Enrollment Date: 12/20/19 – 1/30/2020. Program Coverage: 1/1/2020 – 12/31/2020.