FREE Hauling and 30 Day Repair Turn-Around or your Machine Care Inspection is FREE.

4Rivers Equipment Machine Care Inspections brand logo in black, blue, grey, yellow, white, and a lighter blue. "Machine" and "-CARE-" are both written in all-white text while "INSPECTIONS" is written in black text. All 3 words are capitalized. Symbol icon is a tag with a cutout middle and a blue ribbon going across where "-CARE-" is written going across the middle. "MACHINE" is in white text above "-CARE-" in the cut-out section of the tag. Below "-CARE-" is the bottom of the tag that has a yellow section where "INSPECTIONS" is written in all caps and in black text. Sections of outer portion of tag has different colors including black, grey, yellow, blue, and light blue. See through transparent background.

Now offering an Exclusive limited-time offer!
6% Discount on OEM Parts Installed as a result of a Machine Care Inspection!
With a minimum parts purchase of $250.

180 Days No Payment No Interest
No Payment and no interest for 180 Days when you use your Mutli-Use Account from John Deere Financial!*

1 Year Parts Warranty
One Year Parts Warranty available on dealer installed John Deere parts. John Deere parts warranty not included on wear or maintenance items.

Add An Oil Sample Kit
An oil sample of different compartments of your machine over time can give us trended indicators on how your machine is performing. Add an oil sample kit to any inspection listed below for $85.

Inspections offered on ALL Makes & Models + Price Matching + Multi-Machine Discount!

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This image shows a John Deere Combine with front tracks and rear wheels. Attached is a John Deere draper platform harvesting header for various beans. Power-folding bins opened on top of combine with auger facing backwards. Clean John Deere green and yellow exterior with tan cab interior. 30 foot combine header with front track combine base. see-through transparent background.

Combine Inspection | FREE

- With Approved Repair Over $5000 | Regularly $699

243+ Point Inspection

  • Check Feeder House
  • Inspect Cleaning Shoe
  • Inspect Auger Condition
  • Inspect Crop Separation Components

*Call For Head Pricing

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John Deere Self-Propelled Forage Harvester (SPFH) with a 24 row corn chopping header. Clean green and yellow exterior with tan interior color. Yellow spout facing toawrds the back lowered. SPFH Corn head folded out from tri-fold. starfire technology gps on top. see-through transparent background.

SPFH Inspection | FREE

- With Approved Repair Over $5000 | Regularly $699

234+ Point Inspection

  • Diagnostic Code Check
  • Inspect Drive Components
  • Inspect Cutting Components
  • Inspect KP Components

*Includes 1 Head

*$65/row for additional heads

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John Deere Windrower and/or Swather with 31.5 foot draper platform for mowing hay and forage. small any-way wheels on the back behind the base swather/windrower all behind the large draper platform John Deere 1435D head with a 31.5 foot capacity. Starfire GPS technology on top of John Deere windrower with clean green and yellow exterior and tan interior cab. See-through transparent background.

Windrower Inspection | $269

150+ Point Inspection

  • Power System Check
  • Inspect Steering
  • Inspect Cutter Bar
  • Inspect Conditioner System

*Includes 1 Head

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John Deere large round baler with green and yellow exterior. Standing alone not attached to a tractor. PTO unhooked with the stand on the ground to keep the front of the baler standing upright. Baler back opening is closed. Side-view of a John Deere large round baler. See-through transparent background.

Baler Inspection | $199

76+ Point Inspection

  • Round or Small Square Baler
  • Inspect Pickup Components
  • Inspect Feeding Components
  • Inspect Knotting Components
  • Inspect Plunger Head
  • Inspect Belt Condition

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John Deere 8120R Row Crop Tractor alone. Starfire GPS technology on top of tractor with duluxe/premium lighting package on the front. Clean green and yellow exterior with clean tires pointing to the left. No front weights attached but has option availability. John Deere 8120R Row Crop Tractor.

Tractor Inspection | $399

170+ Point Inspection

    Engine Power Check

  • ydraulic Check
  • Diagnostic Code Check
  • Electrical System Inspection

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John Deere drawn planter with 12 rows with 30 inch spacing between. dual large tank capacity with Central Commodity System (CCS). Unfolded John Deere Drawn Planter with ExactEmerge and MaxEmerge.

Planter Inspection | $20 per unit

Row Unit Testing

  • Uniform Plant Emergence
  • Correct Plant Population
  • Proper Spacing
  • Planting Within Optimum Window

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John Deere R4045 Self-Propelled Sprayer with 120-132 foot unfolded carbon fiber boom width and tank and spraying widths. 1,200 gallon tank option. Expanded sprayer boom. Back-side-view of sprayer. See-through transparent background.

Sprayer Inspection | $399

175+ Point Inspection

  • Inspect Booms
  • Inspect Solution System
  • Check for Software Updates
  • Inspect Electrical System
  • Check Fluid Levels & Condition

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John Deere air seeder tow-behind 3 tank 550-bushel grain tank. 4 small front wheels with 2 large rear wheels. with auger or conveyor option. Stationary single-shoot manifold. in-line drive system. Yellow tanks, green base frame and green auger/conveyor. See-through transparent background.

Air Seeder Inspection | $10 Per Foot

Full Performax

  • Seed Tube Check
  • Opener Arms & Disc Coulter Check
  • Inspect Closing Wheel
  • Full Air Cart Inspection

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John Deere 1590 No-till Box Drill. Green base frame with yellow accents. no-till openers single disk openers for down pressure.

Box Drill Inspection | $10 Per Foot

Full Performax

  • Seed Tube Check
  • Furrow Opener Check
  • Feed Drive & Shaft

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New John Deere 312Gr Skid Steer with cab, front bucket loader, 4 new tires, black bucket, black cab and loader arms, yellow base frame. Clear glass for cab. Lights not on. John Deere dual logo on the back left with Deere and 312Gr logo stickers on the loader arm.

Skid Steer Inspection | $299

46+ Points

  • Oil Filter Check And Replace
  • Throttle and Idle Speeds
  • Belt Check
  • Air Intake Check

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Service- MCI Request Form

  • Contact Information

  • Inspection Details

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

*Offer valid for a 6% Discount on Parts Installed as a result of Machine Care Inspection. A minimum parts purchase of $250 is required. Qualifying units vary by season. See dealer for details. **John Deere Combines Series 9000-4400 January 1st, 2021- April 1st, 2021 and July 1st 2021- October 30th 2021. **John
Deere Attaching Equipment January 1st, 2021- October 1st, 2021. Eligible attaching equipment includes John Deere nutrient applicator toolbars, planters, grain drills, air seeders, air carts, combine and SPFH heads, mower conditioners, balers, pull-type forage harvesters. ***John Deere 8 Series- 4 Series Row Crop
Tractors January 1st, 2021- April 1st, 2021 and July 1st 2021- October 30th 2021. Some restrictions apply. See dealer for details. 4Rivers Guarantees a 30 Day repair from dealership to farm turn-around time, or the service inspection will be free. 30 Day repair guarantee starts at time of approval of work. Customer
has 48 hours to approve inspection’s recommended repairs. Price valid January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021. Coupon code must be mentioned at time of scheduling. Offer valid on Machine Care Inspections scheduled between 1/1/21 and 1/31/21. Some restrictions apply. See dealer for details.