8 Reasons to Buy From 4 Rivers Equipment

4Rivers Equipment has always been “Your Working Partner” and that means promising to do the things that keep you working.

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This image shows a waiter holding a plate with his arm and hand showing in a suit jacket. On the plate they are holding is a filled-in silhouette of a John Deere Wheel loader construction equipment. This purpose of this image is to show the 4Rivers Equipment Pre-Delivery Inspection. See-through transparent background.

1. Pre-Delivery Inspection

We promise to ensure your machine is ready for optimal performance. We inspect your machine from top to bottom for a “white glove” delivery.

This image shows a man in a hat with a beard and a black jacket with a grey collar on. Check mark in a shield next to him. White background in the circle. The purpose of this image is to show the 4Rivers Equipment Customized set-up and walk-around before a customer buys a piece of equipment. Black and white image. See-though transparent background.

2. Customised Set-Up & Walk-Around

We promise to make sure you and your operators are comfortable with your new machine. We will perform a custom set-up and walk-around to ensure you know the ins and outs of your machine.

This image shows a magnifying glass with a black border outline and a handle/grip. Focus mark on the magnifying glass. See-through transparent background. This image depicts the Initial Service.

3. Initial Service

We promise to maintain your machine’s peak performance. That means your initial maintenance kit is on us! This includes all oils and filters suggested by the manufacturer at the initial service. Get a quote on the complete package and leave the complete service to us.

This symbol icon is for the 4Rivers Equipment Annual Inspections. There is a wrench and a screwdriver crossing each other to make an X formation. The wrench has a hexagon pattern on the bottom of it and the screwdriver is a flat head with a handle and grip on the bottom. Both are black color and filled-in. See-through transparent background.

4. Annual Inspections

We promise to keep your machine running at peak performance during the warranty period, we will perform a 60-point annual inspection at any of our locations upon request.

This symbol icon shows the 4Rivers Equipment Loaner Equipment For Repairs Over 72 Hours. There is a 3/4 circular arrow going around the "72 Hours" text starting from the bottom right of the "S" in Hours and going left and around the text and stopping halfway down the "2" on the right. All black text in capital letters. 72 bigger and bolded on top. See-through transparent background.

5. Loaner Equipment for Repairs Over 72 Hours

We promise to keep you running. We will provide loaner equipment for any repairs exceeding 72 hours during the basic warranty period.

This image shows the 4Rivers Equipment Tailored Financial Plan. It shows a magnifying glass on top with a money sign $ in the middle of the glass circle. The magnifying is black and is slanted upwards to stay parallel with the graph below it. The graph is also black with an underline beneath all of the columns. The columns gradually get bigger going from left to right. See-through transparent background.

6. Tailored Financial Plan

We promise to fit your budget. We offer lease or retail finance plans tailored to your needs.

This symbol icon shows the 4Rivers Equipment Personalized GPS Monitoring. The image shows a dashboard type screen with bars charts, pie charts, lines, etc. Black fill color. See-through transparent background.

7. Personalized GPS Monitoring

We promise to monitor the health of your equipment. We offer optional machine monitoring solutions with access to your machines’ data. Ask how you can monitor the whole fleet, regardless of brand!

The symbol icon depicts the 4Rivers Equipment Preventative Maintenance Programs. This image shows a gas tank like canister with a screw-on lid and a handle on the top. The picture on the gas can itself is a black shield that is filled in with a black border going around it cloud cut. See-through transparent background.

8. Preventative Maintenance Programs

We promise to prevent downtime. We offer optional service programs and oil sampling.

Initial Service includes JDLink™ Machine Performance Reports and includes a parts kit. Initial maintenance kit does not include shipping. Annual inspection valid during life of machines’ warranty. Loaner Equipment available for repairs during basic warranty. Loaner equipment based on availability. Customer is responsible for hauling charges and machines are subject to standard 4Rivers Rental Rules. Tailored GPS Monitoring only available if telematics are on machine. Some restrictions apply. See dealer for details.